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World's leading tech and software company that takes the first steps in implementation of cryptography and cryptopayments for their products.

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Brave Rewards Might Soon Be Available for iOS Users

Brave browser users on iOS might soon get one of the most requested features
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Tim Cook Confirms That Apple Will Not Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Tim Cook has confirmed that launching a cryptocurrency is not on Apple’s agenda despite a plethora of rumors
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Forbes: Bitcoin and Crypto Now to Be Supported by Apple’s New iOS 13

🌟 🍏The world-famous iPhone maker Apple is now treading into the sphere of crypto and blockchain along with other tech heavyweights📡 🏆
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Is British Pound Going Up? Forex & CFD Weekly Forecast

Our expert reasons about the weekly situation on the Forex market and predicts the growth of the British Pound
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British IT Analyst Demanded £130,000 in Bitcoin After Hacking iCloud Accounts

Kerem Albayrak, a tech analyst from London, has been charged with blackmail after allegedly posting a real video of him browsing hacked iCloud accounts