Despite everything, Bitcoin remains the world's leading cryptocurrency. Its news is still the most important in the whole crypto industry. Here you will find today's latest cryptocurrency market news with daily market analysis and regular monthly and weekly summarizing.

Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Target $1,000,000 After COVID-19 and Analyst Explains Why

Total addressable market (TAM) is one of the key characteristics used to evaluate every project and its assets. Which asset may be a reference for Bitcoin (BTC)?
Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance May Reach 90% During Crisis. Will Price Follow?

Bitcoin’s dominance indicates how much of the total market cap is comprised of Bitcoin (BTC). Amid the ongoing decline, analysts claim it may skyrocket.
Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Zero or Millions? Bitcoin (BTC) Future Predicted By Billionaire Investor

Chamath Palihapitiya of Social Capital is one of the top VCs in the world. Recently, he sat down with Anthony Pompliano to discuss investments during the crisis
Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Four Crypto Tokens Held By Seasoned Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC), What Else?

Prominent crypto trader and analyst Mati Greenspan has revealed his cryptocurrency portfolio. It looks like some are surprised by his choices
Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Bitluck Mining Company Updates Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Gear, New Contracts Released

One month prior to the Bitcoin (BTC) halving, the EU-registered Bitluck cloud mining service has upgraded its hardware in order to keep operations profitable