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Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

How not to Lose Money Trading Crypto, What Charts Can Tell You, and Why Bitcoin is Still Better Than Alts: Interview with Scott Melker

Is it easy being a crypto trader? Where should you start? What currency should you choose? All of these questions, we asked crypto trader Scott Melker
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

IOTA’s David Sonstebo: New Tangle EE Working Group to Pave Way Towards Adoption

U.Today spoke with David Sonstebo about their plans to develop a global community of contributors and adopters collaborating on production-ready commercial applications
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Vexel CEO on Bitcoin, Litecoin, DEXs, and Why People Should Control Their Money: Interview

U.Today spoke with Vexel’s CEO on updates, things they are proud of, the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and the way crypto can gain mass adoption
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Exclusive Interview with TronWallet’s CEO: Big Upgrade, Crypto’s Future, & Justin Sun

We spoke with CEO Dio Ianakiara about TronWallet’s success, goals and upcoming plans. Here is our exclusive interview
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Exclusive Interview with IOTA Founder David Sonstebo on Tangle, Climate KIC Project, and Plans for 2020

U.Today spoke with IOTA Founder David Sonstebo about their technologies, biggest plans, and why the classic blockchains soon will be left far behind
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Interview With Bitfinex and Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino on Their New Innovative Products, Next Bitcoin ATH, & DEXes

Paolo Ardoino has shared some exciting news and announcements related to Bitfinex and Tether with U.Today
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Exclusive Interview with John McAfee: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself, Bitcoin to Hit $1 million, & “Russian Roulette”

Why should Bitcoin hit $1 million? Why is Epstein on a token? What’s the story behind the photo with a gun to his head? Here’s the Part 2 of our interview with Mr. McAfee
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

John McAfee on Presidential Election, Stablecoins, Wingsuit Flying, & His New DEX: Interview

John McAfee talks with U.Today about his DEX, his enemies, and the only thing he hasn’t tried yet. Check it out in our exclusive interview
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Exclusive Interview with Justin Sun on TRON-Samsung Partnership, End of Crypto Winter & Next Bitcoin ATH

U.Today spoke with Founder and CEO Justin Sun about TRON partnering with Samsung, Chinese Government embracing Crypto, and why the ‘Crypto Winter’ has already passed
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

NEO’s Head of Development John deVadoss on NEO 3.0, Microsoft’s Background, Ethereum, and Favourite Cryptocurrencies: Interview

Will NEO need a hard fork to upgrade to NEO 3.0? What is the “unicorn” dApp? And what does Facebook give to the community? Read the exclusive interview with John deVadoss
Rimma TrukhinaRimma Trukhina

Exclusive: Tron vs. EOS vs. Ethereum, YouTube's Monopoly Problem, and Bitcoin's Future Through the Lens of BeatzCoin CCO Misha Lederman

In an exclusive interview with U.Today, vocal Tron proponent Misha Lederman shares his thoughts on Justin Sun, John McAfee, and the disruption of YouTube's hegemony
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Vexel CEO Shares Leadership Advice After His Startup Successfully Survived Crypto Winter

Vexel CEO talks the company’s thorny path to success and its future expansion plans     
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Space Mining and Blockchain Games: Futuristic Interview with Asteroid Rush Creators Team

U.Today dives into space mining wars with Asteroid Rush team members Pavel Kondrashov and Alexey Postnikov who explains how Blockchain will disrupt the gaming industry
Jack ThomasJack Thomas

Offering More Than an Exchange of Coins: Pukkamex Looking to Add Value for Customers

⚙️💪Cryptocurrency exchanges are connective life blood for the everyday user and they know that their services need to be excellent to ensure growth
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Between Green and Red: Coin360 CEO Evan Ropp Talks Competition with CoinMarketCap and Future Altcoin Takeover

Coin360 CEO Evan Ropp claims that IEOs, stablecoins and institutional money will define the industry in 2019
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Is Tron Merely Another Pump and Dump Project? An Interview with Crypto Chico, ‘Truth Lover’ and ‘I-Dotter’ Regarding Crypto Projects

Tyler Swope, also known as Crypto Chico, shares his personal vision of the Tron project on the particular case of the BTT ICO that happened on Binance the other day
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Crypto Commerce and Its Future: Interview with Uphold’s CEO, J.P. Thieriot

With the world of Blockchain ever evolving and changing pace, a top level executive lays out his vision for what the future has in store for the crypto market
Alexander GoborovAlexander Goborov

Let’s Talk Stablecoins: Interview with the Co-Founder of Cred and Former GM at PayPal, Dan Schatt

With many HODLers and crypto enthusiasts looking for investment advice, insights from a top expert in the fintech field, Dan Schatt, are sure to come handy
Alexander GoborovAlexander Goborov

Bitcoin ETF, a Tail Wagging the Dog: Interview with the Founder of Virtuse Exchange, Ras Vasilisin

With Bitcoin ETFs being considered for approval, the CEO of Virtuse Exchange, Ras Vasilisin, explains what it might spell for the crypto market
Katya MichaelsKatya Michaels

Tech Has Sat on Its Hands Long Enough: Digital Asset Trade Association Speaks Up for Blockchain

Perhaps it’s time for the tech community to stop waiting for Blockchain technology to speak for itself and take more definitive action.
Alexander GoborovAlexander Goborov

Excavating the Crypto Truth: Interview with the Trade's Top Gun, Eugene Loza aka EXCAVO

In the times of the crypto crisis, we talk with one of the industry’s top traders, Eugene Loza, who is sharing his thoughts on the current market and its future
Katya MichaelsKatya Michaels

Charles Hoskinson: Shifting the Blockchain Tradeoff Profile for the Entire Industry

What’s happening with Cardano? Charles Hoskinson talks about the Cardano Foundation conflict, the importance of research, and resilience through community.
Masha BeetrootMasha Beetroot

Decentralization and Social Platforms: ONO’s Bashir Modanov Exclusive

The newly established social network ONO promises to stay out of its users’ lives
Alexander GoborovAlexander Goborov

Crypto Prices Can Be Predicted, Says Science

Research shows that Reddit can predict crypto rates
Cyril GilsonCyril Gilson

Trust Arms Race in the Age of Cryptography: Max Borders Interview

Future can be viewed as a positive-sum game if brain creativity is accommodated by smart contracts and greed is leveraged by prosocial ends: Max Borders