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Submit Crypto, DeFi Airdrop for Free

Founded in 2017, U.Today is now among the top five most visited and quoted blockchain and cryptocurrency online news outlets in the world.

We offer two options for publicity for your airdrop: Free and Premium.

Premium offers full functionality, which includes:

  • "Participate" buttons on U.Today's main page, "All Airdrops" page and your airdrop's page,
  • "Featured" section placement,
  • Main page placement,
  • Direct links to your airdrop's website, social media accounts and much more.

Contact us now at to add your airdrop for free, to order Premium placement and receive additional information on PR promotional packages to boost your airdrop's exposure among the cryptocurrency community.

Free placement
Premium placement
Listing on "All Airdrops" page
Airdrop's page
Title, dates and type only
Full functionality
Listing in "Featured Airdrops" section
Featuring on U.Today's main page
"Participate" button on main page
"Participate" button on top of the airdrop's page
"Participate" button on "All Airdrops" page
Direct link to the airdrop
Direct link to the project
Direct links to social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn