Cryptocurrency Scam

The world of cryptocurrency is a perfect target for fraudsters. Everything one should know about crypto scams and Ponzi schemes on the blockchain market.

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You Can Lose All Your XRP Tokens If You Fall for This Ripple Scam

XRP holders should be wary of this sophisticated Ripple scam
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Canadian Police Ring Alarm Over Elaborate Bitcoin (BTC) Scam

CRA scams are becoming increasingly popular but there are some surefire ways to not become a victim of fraudsters
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Scam Alert: Crypto Scammers Impersonate U.Today, Asking Users to Send Them ETH

Crypto scammers are impersonating yours truly, U.Today, announcing a fake partnership with Apple and offering free ETH after you send them some first – stay alert
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Unconfirmed: Mining Giant Bitmain Is Being Investigated by U.S. Department of Justice

An insider states that Bitmain, the number one Bitcoin mining company, is now under a criminal investigation after selling equipment to BitClub
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Bitcoin Is a Pyramid Scheme. Prominent Economist Explains Why

Tendayi Kapfidze is certain that Bitcoin is simply a pyramid scheme that struggles to find a use case after making its early adopters rich