Stellar Price Prediction 2018\20\25- How Much Will the Cost of XLM be?

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    How much will Stellar Lumens cost in 2018/20?

Stellar Price Prediction 2018\20\25- How Much Will the Cost of XLM be?

The trade and investment trends are changing, and most modern investors shift away from fiat currencies in favor of digital money, or so-called ‘cryptocurrencies.’ Although Bitcoin still dominates the market, it has a huge row of competitors, and one of the most promising tokens is Stellar. Wonder whether this is a suitable cryptocurrency to stake on? Let’s reveal the key advantages of the XLM platform and read Stellar price prediction.

What is Stellar cryptocurrency?

You may suppose that Stellar is a Bitcoin’s relative, but this cryptocurrency is much more different– it is faster, cheaper and more scalable. A transaction with XLM will take maximum of three to five seconds and cost less than a penny. At the same time, some people associate Stellar with Ripple– it is also used to make rapid and low-fee cross-border payments. But while Ripple is aimed at enterprises and well-established banks, Stellar is targeted on individuals.

Besides, while Ripple is a private network, Stellar is an open-source initiative. One of the most prominent XML’s features is the consensus protocol that doesn’t rely on the whole miner network to have transactions approved. Instead, it leverages the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) algorithm, so only a part of the network is needed to approve and validate transactions. Thanks to that, the Stellar platform can process over 1,000 network operations in one second.

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Let’s underline the differences between Stellar vs Ripple:



Total supply – 103 bln XLM

Total supply– 100 bln XLM

Uses Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)

Uses proof-of-correctness (PoC)

Inflation – increases per one percent/year

Inflation– decreases depending on the burn rate

Transaction takes two to five sec

Transaction takes four sec

Non-profit organization

Profit organization

Targets individuals

Targets financial institutions

Was Stellar Lumens price prediction 2017 justified?

Of course, no one would guess that Stellar will join the wave of cryptocurrencies experiencing exponential growth by the end of 2017. However, after staying at the level of $0.002 for several years, it started growing in Autumn 2017 and unexpectedly rose to $0.85 in January 2018. Initially, Stellar cryptocurrency prediction for 2017 wasn’t even half of what we have witnessed.

However, at this very point, the story of success ended (at least, temporarily), and just like all the other coins, Stellar got back to its previous position.

Stellar Lumens price prediction 2018

At the beginning of this year, Stellar prediction 2018 was quite optimistic: it was expected to stay at the level of at least $0.5. However, the currency surged as quickly as it soared. In July 2018, its price is around $0.25. What can happen next? Here is Stellar Lumen price prediction 2018 from different sources:

  1. Altcoin Forecast predicts that XLM can rise in value by 35 percent against Bitcoin, and its current price may increase by 10 percent.

  2. Wallet Investor updates the results of technical analysis every three minutes, and now the one-year forecast is $0.35 only. Although it’s not as bright as we want, Staller can still bring you a 5x ROI within a couple of years.

  3. Investing Haven’s Stellar price prediction 2018 is too good to be true: it says that Stellar will be worth $4 this year– they claim that this cost can be achieved if there are no major security flaws taking place, and the sector itself works well.

  4. also gives a very positive Stellar prediction: according to its forecast, XML can grow up to $2-3. The team takes into account the fact that Stellar partners with some major platforms, such as Stripe, Deloitte, and ICI Bank.

  5. Oracle Times mentioned that Stellar founder, Jed McCaleb talked about a partnership with 30 banks and such projects as Mobius, SatoshiPay, and Hashcash. All of that allowed them to propose Stellar Lumen prediction of $1.

Anyway, Stellar Lumens prediction 2018 presupposes raising of the currency. Probably, it may experience a sudden growth in Autumn again, just like it happened a year ago.

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Stellar Lumens prediction 2020

As for long-term Stellar Lumen price prediction, experts’ opinions cannot be boiled down to any certain point– they are very different. Therefore, we do not recommend taking any of them too seriously because two years is a lot of time for the sphere of crypto economy.  Crypto is too volatile, and prices can go up and down very quickly. Let’s check Stellar Lumens price prediction 2020:

  • JIO Phone claims that XML price can reach $8.08 in April 2020, and go up to $12 in Summer 2020.

  • Google is always generous when it comes to cryptocurrency forecasts: its Stellar Lumens prediction is $50 by December 2021. That would be a wonder for investors!

  • The Economy Forecast Agency website uses both mathematics and statistics based on historical price trends. Its analysts say that Stellar will drop to $0.15 this year, but can strengthen and even reach the threshold of $0.64 in 2020. That seems to be a conservative Stellar XLM price prediction, but a realistic one.

  • provides pretty much the same numbers: its Stellar coin price prediction is $0.2-0.3 for the following year, but in 2020, the coin can reach the level of $0.7.

Will Lumens hit the benchmark of $1 this year? It’s not likely. However, if we believe further price prediction, Stellar Lumens can grow by 100-200 percent in the following year.

Should I invest in Stellar?

Taking into account the current price of Stellar and XLM Stellar price prediction, you shouldn’t rush to stake all your funds on Stellar. Although this currency can be more promising than some other altcoins, it has a narrow focus– individual cross-border payments. Therefore, it has competitors to outperform and some technical issues to overcome.

Moreover, those who expect an instant return on their investment should seek for alternatives. Stellar isn’t likely to rise in price considerably until 2020. The team behind Stellar should continue developing the project to supply users with better wallet compatibility and have the currency presented in a broader range of platforms and organizations.

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