3 Best Dash Mining Pools 2018

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    Where to go for the promising Dash coin, and what are the options we recommend

3 Best Dash Mining Pools 2018

Being one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the world, Dash is being mined by thousands of people globally. It’s promising, reliable and still relatively easy to obtain in comparison with Bitcoin and Ethereum which take an eternity to generate valid blocks. However, mining alone isn’t always efficient and profitable– users with more powerful hardware get the reward, and there’s always the risk that you’ll stay with nothing.

It is no match for working collectively: together, Internet users unite forces and manage to win many more coins. Where to search for reliable and trustworthy partners? This review of the best Dash mining pool solutions is here to help you out.

What is a mining pool?

Just like other similar pools, a Dash mining pool allows you working with other miners and their devices across the Net to perform complex calculations and generate data blocks. Typically, the reward is split between participants proportionally. That simplifies and accelerates the process of mining.

However, not all websites are equally good for mining– do not rush to join the first community you see. There are a lot of factors to take into account, particularly the methods used to allocate rewards and the commission fee.

After performing detailed best mining pool comparison we have defined three leading portals that are worth being tried. All of them have multiple servers spread over the world which facilitates connection.

1. Slush Pool

In fact, Slush Pool is the oldest mining pool over there: it was founded in 2010 as “Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server” and renamed later. Today, Slush Pool is the fourth largest mining pool which comprises 11.4 percent of hash power overall. It’s not surprising when you consider the fact that is has servers in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan and China. The website is said to be stable and reliable, and users also praise it for the simple intuitive interface as well as a wide range of mining options.

If you’re a newbie, Slush Pool is the best mining pool for Dash to familiarize yourself with the process of hunting for coins. For example, you can read the explanation of how payouts are calculated, how you gain scoring hash rate, etc. There’s a demo miner, and both simple and advances interface for more experienced users. You set up your preferences for mining devices you want to work with.

The minimum payout threshold is as low as 0.001 BTC (DASH will be calculated equivalently), though all pay-outs lower than 0.01 BTC is charged with an extra fee. Pool fee is two percent, which is quite democratic.

Slush Pool account
Slush Pool account

2. F2Pool

Also called DiscusFish, F2Pool is based in China and was established in 2013. It has a few servers in China, as well as the US and Hong Kong. This Dash coin mining pool represents about 5.5 percent of overall hash rate and offers a large variety of cryptocurrencies to gain.

Interestingly, F2Pool makes pay-outs daily on a PPS (Payment Per Share) basis of negative three percent. All transaction fees go to the pool. Minimum withdrawal sum is equivalent to 0.005 BTC. There are also some minor but pleasant incentives for miners, for example, for every mined one LTC you get 1,000 DOGE free.

Generally, F2Pool is reliable and efficient, but you need to know the English language to get help from forums– the website is present in Chinese language only. The signup process is a pain in the neck because you need a mobile phone to verify your identity via text message.

F2Pool Interface
F2Pool Interface

3. AntPool

Being the best mining pool in 2017, AntPool stays on the top of popularity and now is the largest mining pool possessing about 25 percent of hash rate worldwide. It features servers all over the world and implements a P2P mining protocol to connect you with other devices quickly.

As soon as you set up your account and start mining, payments will be done on a daily basis if you have managed to mine at least 0.001 BTC. Users are free to select the reward method. Typically, people prefer Payment Per Share (four percent fee on pay-out plus two percent of any transaction). However, there’s also Payment Per Last N Shares– it’s free but AntPool keeps transaction fees.

AntPool website
AntPool website

Mining Pool Comparison

To select the best platform for Dash pool mining, check out the difference between popular mining platforms:




Slush Pool

Reliable and offers servers in different regions

High commission fees


Transparent fee structure, several cryptocurrencies are supported

A mobile phone is required to register


Easy navigation and choice of reward mode

Lower payouts


Trustworthy, miners share transaction fees

Problems with website navigation can happen accidentally


No registration process required, low fees

Poor functionality and features

Mining solo requires too many resources and hash rate which can take a bite out of your wallet. Two heads are better than one, and when it comes to mining, the more participants you attract, the higher is your chance to gain coins. With the best Dash mining pools at your disposal, you can multiply your profit exponentially.

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