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China has been an important player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, sprouting a number of active cryptocurrency exchanges and hosting a significant volume of Bitcoin mining operations. The recent crackdown on trading and mining by the Chinese government, however, created tension in the global cryptocurrency market.


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Blockchain-Related VC Deals Moving from U.S. to China: Research

China is becoming a new blockchain hub for venture capitalists, according to research conducted by CB Insights
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Russia and China Could Add Bitcoin (BTC) to Their Strategic Reserves, According to Max Keiser

China and Russia might end up embracing Bitcoin (BTC), according to Max Keiser
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Blockchain Helps Protect Interview of Wuhan Doctor Who Warned About Coronavirus

Chinese people are posting the interview of Wuhan doctor Ai Fen on a blockchain to protect it from censorship
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EOS and Tron (TRX) Remain Top Coins in Chinese Crypto Rankings. What About BTC and ETH?

In its 16th crypto rating, China once again gives the crown to EOS while snubbing Bitcoin
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China Shows Why Bitcoin (BTC) Is Important by Quarantining Its Banknotes

China sanitizing its money to stop the coronations is exactly why you need Bitcoin (BTC)