China has been an important player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, sprouting a number of active cryptocurrency exchanges and hosting a significant volume of Bitcoin mining operations. The recent crackdown on trading and mining by the Chinese government, however, created tension in the global cryptocurrency market.


Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Ripple’s Partner American Express Targets Chinese Market, Files License Application

Ripple takes another expansion move via its partners working with Ripple’s tech as American Express files an application to receive a license to operate in China
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

‘China Coin’ New Details Make Chinese Investors Disappointed, Here’s Why

The PBOC official that is in charge of creating the DCEP, says it will not be backed by physical assets or fiat currencies, making Chinese investors are disappointed
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Bitcoin Mining Is Now Even More Controlled by China: Report

China increases its share of Bitcoin's global hash rate to 66 percent
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

China to Start Testing Its Crypto in Partnership with Huawei and Major Banks

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) is collaborating with Huawei, commercial banks as well as major telecommunications operators to roll out its digital currency
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Crypto U-Turn: India’s Central Bank to Launch Its Own Digital Coin

After considering the issue thoroughly, RBI decides to go for its own crypto and do it independently of any private blockchain companies