Lisk Price Prediction 2018\20\25: Professional Trader Forecast

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    The article runs about Lisk, a promising German startup which is expected to rival Ethereum.

Lisk Price Prediction 2018\20\25: Professional Trader Forecast

The Lisk price prediction presented below should not be considered to be financial advice. You are encouraged to do your own thorough research before making any serious investment decisions.

What is Lisk

Lisk (LSK) is a Blockchain platform that is fairly similar to Ethereum, but at the same time it has a few important differences which make it competitive.

The first distinction is Lisk’s programming language (it is a  JavaScript-based currency while Ethereum uses Solidity). JavaScript is significantly more widespread which will potentially allow Lisk to expand its influence since there are plenty of applications written with JavaScript and there are no language boundaries for software developers.

In sharp contrast to this, one will still have to learn Solidity in order to develop on Ethereum.

Instead of building smart contracts, Lisk allows its users to develop a brand-new application on a separate Blockchain. That means that you can any desirable features to an already existing platform.

While Lisk price prediction 2018 doesn’t include any huge jumps in the nearest future, Lisk definitely has a lot of room for growth. After all, both of these platforms are implementing top-notch technological features.

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What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

Lisk’s current position

Lisk is a promising Berlin-based startup which has managed to raise almost $6 mln during the ICO release (that was the second biggest ICO at that time). Its founder Max Kordek states that Lisk is based on Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) algorithm which a significantly larger level of scalability compared to Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm.

Since LSK is still quite small compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum, they artificially keep a certain limit of transactions, but it can be gradually increased up to hundreds of transactions per second.

Lisk is doing extremely well at that time sitting at a whopping $632 mln market cap and exceeds Lisk price prediction 2018.  

It is even more remarkable if you consider the fact that Lisk still hasn’t released a single white paper project to this day. However, a few new ICOs are expected to be launched on the Lisk network in the nearest future. We will see how this will affect Lisk crypto 2018 predictions.

June was rather fruitful for LSK, since the company has recently launched custom tokens and dApp registration. The possibility to register own applications on the Lisk network will undoubtedly attack more customers to the platform. In October, Lisk also plans to enable depositing and withdrawing of sidechain tokens.   

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What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

Lisk’s price prediction in 2018

On January 7, Lisk hit its all-time high reaching almost $39. As of now, the currency is only worth $5.90, but does it mean that it is collapsing? Absolutely not– Lisk price prediction 2018 is rather optimistic. If you take a look at the following Lisk price prediction graph, the coin tends to have big spikes in price.

Lisk hit its almost all-time high price in February when the cryptocurrency market became bearish. Such a rapid surge in price was caused by new exchange listings and huge excitement surrounding its rebranding in February, but numerous delays made Lisk cryptocurrency price prediction to go down.   

Time of the year (2018)   

Lisk prediction 2018











*Please, pay attention to the fact that Lisk price prediction (December 2017) included a similar drop.   

At this moment, it is rather difficult to make Lisk price prediction 2019 and Lisk price predictions 2020, but the coin is generally expected to remain in the same range with slight gains unless a true crypto boom happens by 2020.  

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What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

Positive/negative factors for investors

According to Lisk 2018 price prediction, there are few reasons to believe that Lisk may exponentially increase its price in the nearest future:

  1. First of all, Lisk is a very serious project. This startup was launched in 2016 and has come a long way since then because of constant innovations (check out the roadmap on their official website) and a strong team of developers behind the project.

  2. As mentioned above, Lisk is a JavaScript-based platform which means that many developers who are reluctant to learn Solidity, will flock in droves to engage in this exact project.

  3. Lisk allows companies and developers to be in full control of their projects with the help of sidechains.     

  4. Additionally, Lisk has already managed to build a rather strong community which is fundamentally important for making a positive price of Lisk prediction. Despite the recent price drops, many individuals are still extremely enthusiastic about Lisk.

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Lisk (LSK), One More Crypto Under Malicious Attack

Despite the optimistic Lisk coin price prediction, there are still a couple of negative factors that should be taken into account before investing in Lisk.

The development of decentralized applications is an extremely competitive business in 2018. Lisk has a few high-profile rivals including Ethereum, NEO and Cardano. Before analyzing Lisk coin prediction, you should also take into account the fact that this ambitious project still remains in the stage of development. If Lisk receives lukewarm reception from businesses and the platform won’t make it into the mainstream, it will certainly negatively affect the value of LSK.

The bottom line is that Lisk is a promising project with a lot of potential for further growth, but the question is whether it will manage to gain a massive following in a highly competitive market. Lisk 2020 price prediction will definitely show a clearer picture.

👉MUST READ What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners
What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

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