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Yield App Offers Easy-to-Use Crypto Wealth Platform: Review

Fri, 15/03/2024 - 11:23
Yield App Offers Easy-to-Use Crypto Wealth Platform: Review
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As the bull run in crypto is gaining steam in early 2024 catalyzed by the Dencun Ethereum (ETH) upgrade and the fourth Bitcoin (BTC) halving, newcomers and pros are looking for ways to protect and grow their capital gains.

Yield App, a reliable battle-tested wealth generation application, offers an unrivaled stack of opportunities for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin holders backed by low-risk strategies and attractive APY rates.

Earning stable interest with Yield App: Highlights

Launched back in Q1, 2021, Yield App is an ecosystem of services for yield generation on cryptocurrency deposits. It works with fiat as well and offers up to 25% APY.

  • Typically, passive yield generation strategies are associated with high-risk schemes or providing liquidity in DeFi, which is associated with shady financial activity or requires specific expertise in Web3.
  • Yield App is changing the narrative as it generates yield without providing money for on-chain lending or MLM schemes.
  • Instead, Yield App relies on market-neutral strategies and a risk-averse approach in working with client money.
  • Users of Yield App are invited to generate yield on their deposits in dozens of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT).
  • Yield App accepts deposits in Euro (EUR) and Great Britain Pound (GBP); fiat-to-crypto exchange is also available to all customers.
  • Crypto owners can start using Yield App after a streamlined account setup and effortless KYC checks.

Yield App's tokenomical design is underpinned by the native YLD token on Ethereum (ETH), while its technical stack includes Haven1, an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain optimized for DeFi-centric use cases.

Generating income on dormant crypto: Top 3 ways

Despite the cryptocurrency segment allowing a number of ways to benefit from working with crypto, only few of them can really be associated with passive or “semi-passive” income.

Liquidity provision in DeFi

In the majority of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, you can benefit from injecting liquidity into the lending pool. Not unlike services of mainstream Web2 banks, borrowers get the yield generated by lenders who pay for the money they obtain from DeFi.

This scheme looks secure, but heavily depends on the prices of all currencies involved, takes expertise in DeFi and can be slow and resource-ineffective due to high fees.

High-risk apps

This scheme can be compared to “quick income” schemes: “Early birds” share the liquidity injected by next generations of participants. Such mechanisms only work when new participants join the process.

While these schemes are typically associated with very high APY rates, most of them fail sooner or later. Also, in some jurisdictions, such activity is illicit.

Centralized earning platforms

Centralized earning platforms merge the benefits of various classes of yield generating apps. Just like Web2 banks, they do not leverage users' funds in risky schemes. Instead, the assets deposited by customers are used as liquidity in conservative, risk-averse businesses.

This class of applications work with stable and predictable yield rates. When it comes to crypto, they access the widest range of cryptocurrencies, including both Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. The majority of them rely on centralized storage and organize KYC/AML checks for potential clients. This class of yield apps is the most secure and cost-efficient one. Also, it is the go-to solution for customers with no previous experience in finance, crypto or investments.

Introducing Yield App, secure and newbie-friendly wealth management app

Starting from early 2021, Yield App, a cryptocurrency yield generation machine, onboards depositors of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. With Yield App, everyone can “park” his or her crypto to get up to 25% in APY.

Yield App: Basics of platform and YLD token

Yield App is a one-stop application for earning yield on cryptocurrency deposits. The main product - a yield-generation module - is accompanied by a couple of useful cryptocurrency economics services:

  1. OTC trading desk.
  2. Fiat currency paygate for GBP and EUR.
  3. Crypto-to-fiat exchange.
  4. "Recurring buy" instrument for DCA strategies.
  5. Yield Pro tool for sophisticated investors.

Generating passive income for investors of various types is the main purpose of Yield App's operations. Simply put, depositors “lock” their cryptocurrency for a predetermined amount of time to grab periodic rewards.

Yield App
Image by Yield App

Yield App’s tokenomic design is underpinned by YLD token issued as an ERC-20 asset on the top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. As of Q1, 2024, YLD token is available for trading on major centralized (KuCoin, and decentralized (Uniswap, QuickSwap) cryptocurrency exchanges. YLD is integrated into  various activities on Yield App as its major utility token.

Yield App: Earning interest on BTC, altcoins and stablecoins

On Yield App, every investor is able to find a program that is suitable for his/her investment strategy. First of all, it offers three earning programs: Earn+365, Earn+ and Flexible strategies.

Yield App program

Cryptocurrencies accepted




Minimum lock period is set at 365 days, payouts up to 15%



Minimum lock period is set at 30 days, payouts up to 13%



Flexible redemption, payouts up to 11%

As such, depositors can benefit from both Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins and major centralized (USDT, USDC) and decentralized stablecoins (DAI).

Yield App
Image by Yield App

Within the Yield Pro module, Yield App offers a complex yield enhancement strategy, Dual Currency (or Buy Low) with APY rates over 50%.

Yield App: Products and services

Besides the yield generation module, Yield App has created a number of useful services for a seamless cryptocurrency experience. Its Swap module offers newbie-friendly and resource-efficient crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange services.

The fiat paygate accepts the largest fiat currencies, the Euro (EUR) and Great Britain Pound (GBP); customers can deposit them via familiar payment methods.

As previously mentioned, Yield Pro offers an enhanced services kit for sophisticated investors with high deposits and a deep understanding of how cryptocurrency markets work. The product is aimed at investors with varying risk appetites and investment goals looking to build more complex strategies. At the same time, all information about Yield Pro is summarized in explanatory videos so that every customer can research its design.

Yield App’s over-the-counter (OTC) desk allows big depositors to perform exchange operations worth $100K+ in equivalent with 70+ cryptocurrencies. These swaps are fully confidential and are not demonstrated on any exchange.

Last but not least, Yield App released the “Recurring Buy” module in beta version. With Recurring Buy, everyone can leverage DCA, the oldest and battle-tested strategy for wealth generation on a growing market.

As a result, Yield App customers can enjoy a holistic ecosystem of cryptocurrency services without leaving the application. 

Yield App: How to join

The process of registration on Yield App remains clear and effortless even for the newcomers to crypto. First, new customers should set up an account and confirm it via email.

Yield App
Image by Yield App

Once the account is registered and activated, newcomers should pass KYC/AML checks and ID verification. Due to the seamless system being employed, all procedures take a minimum amount of time. 

After completing registration procedures, users can deposit money in crypto or fiat and start earning instantly.

Bonus: What is Haven1, the Yield App-backed EVM blockchain for the DeFi era?

As a novel part of its tech stack, the Yield App team released Haven1, a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain tailored to DeFi use cases.

Its built-in verifiable identity at the wallet level facilitates recourse mechanisms and security guardrails that allow Haven1 to unlock previously unattainable decentralized finance use cases. 

Currently, the blockchain is protected by a network of seven validators. To enhance its decentralization and earn extra rewards, YLD holders can stake their tokens in favor of this or that validator. With over 100,000 YLD staked, customers can access additional services and premium rewards.

Haven1 is fully audited and works with high TPS, which makes it a go-to solution for institutions interested in expanding their businesses to the DeFi scene.

Wrapping up

Yield App is a one-stop application for cryptocurrency yield generation. It generates interest on Bitcoin (BTC), major stablecoins and altcoins in three programs with different minimum lock periods. Users can obtain up to 25% in APY in regular modules and even higher in Yield Pro modules.

Passive investing with Yield App is safer compared to key alternatives: unlike many CeFi and DeFi apps, it prioritizes low-risk, market-neutral strategies of yield generation.

Besides yield generation instruments, Yield App offers its customers an ecosystem of exchange and earning tools: OTC swaps desk, crypto-to-fiat exchange, automated DCA module and so on.

Yield App’s tokenomics backbone is YLD token on Ethereum blockchain. 


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