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$CATCH Token Airdrop

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    2024/03/03 09:47
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$CATCH Token Airdrop
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Airdrop Description

As the trend of airdrops continues to gain traction, new projects are emerging at a steady pace. Airdrops have become a favored tool for building communities, often requiring only your time as an investment - that's why the SpaceCatch team also thought of launching airdrops.


Today, the SpaceCatch team is focused on the confirmed airdrop of the new $CATCH token, which presents an opportunity to potentially receive a valuable airdrop worth thousands of USD - all for free.

SpaceCatch has unreservedly shared the prerequisites for securing this exclusive airdrop to illuminate the path toward participation. This entails engaging in a series of tasks on the Zealy platform, each contributing to accumulating invaluable experience points (XP).

How to Participate tasks

During the task creation process, the goal was to provide the community with a wide range of different tasks, which SpaceCatch divided into individual segments based on their focus. Upon completing each section, a bonus task titled “Paste Your BEP-20 (BSC) Address” will be unlocked. These final tasks serve the purpose of collecting your crypto addresses, where rewards will be distributed in the future.

Please be aware that the initial series of tasks will be expanded over time, particularly the first category focusing on Twitter and social media activity.

Kindly note that the more categories you successfully complete and the higher your XP (higher level on the Zealy platform), the greater the final rewards will be.

Moreover, SpaceCatch has implemented strict controls and security measures to prevent bots and multiple accounts. If such activities are detected, these addresses will be excluded from the airdrop.

Genesis NFT Box

Upon successful verification on the website as Genesis NFT Box holders, you will be able to earn a substantial amount of XP, and you will also unlock “pools” for free Daily/Weekly/Monthly XP tasks.

SpaceCatch can also confirm that there will be a guaranteed secondary airdrop of $CATCH tokens specifically for the Genesis NFT Box holders, which will be executed completely separately and simultaneously with the main airdrop.

Details regarding the sale of NFT Genesis Boxes will be revealed soon. Please be aware that the 10,000 NFTs will be released gradually, with an initial offering of only 500 pieces! As a result, the holders of these first 500 pieces will have a significant advantage in acquiring the highest number of XP through Daily/Weekly/Monthly tasks, leading to a more substantial airdrop reward.


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