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Xuirin Introduces DeFi Card for Web3 Adoption by Businesses: Guide

Fri, 29/03/2024 - 16:06
Xuirin Introduces DeFi Card for Web3 Adoption by Businesses: Guide
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The newly-launched protocol Xuirin is going to advance plastic bank card usage in DeFi. With its cards, customers can enjoy spicy rewards, cashbacks, and pay with crypto in a secure, confidential and low-cost manner.

Xuirin offers bank cards for DeFi, introduces XUIRIN token sale: Highlights

Launched in Q1, 2024, the Xuirin project exploded in the cryptocurrency market with its DeFi cards offering.

  • Xuirin is a multi-purpose ecosystem of crypto-backed plastic cards designed to address the challenges of their usage in DeFi.
  • Xuirin's DeFi debit cards are available in three tiers with up to 8% cashback for all customers.
  • Xuirin’s payment opportunities stack comes with extra options, including the likes of payments with SMS, QR codes and so on.
  • For e-commerce customers, Xuirin designed an opportunity to use online billing and payments for invoices.
  • The platform also provides a wide range of services for the B2B segment, including a payment aggregator, a swap module and so on.
  • The XUIRIN token sale is up and running right now; the project invites all Web3 enthusiasts to take part in the ongoing presale phase and claim rewards in a unique $500,000 global giveaway by its team.

In general, Xuirin represents a new-gen attempt to solve issues with credit card usage in DeFi and introduce a sphere of cryptocurrencies to newcomers.

What are crypto cards?

In the segment of cryptocurrencies, credit cards have been used frequently since the mid-2010s. Typically, these cards can be topped up with cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) or major altcoins with the largest liquidity. Once funded with crypto, this card works not unlike regular ones issued by classic banks on top of Visa and Mastercard payments processors.

In general, crypto cards are developed and promoted by large centralized exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Bybit have their own card programs. The usage of crypto cards might be restricted in some jurisdictions with no clear legal framework for issuance and usage of Web3 products.

Why does DeFi need bank cards?

The adoption of credit cards associated with cryptocurrency payment operators is catalyzed by the flexibility, resource-efficiency and profitability of these solutions for the end customers.

  1. No need to split the portfolio between crypto and fiat assets. Owners of crypto assets can seamlessly use them in fiat-only merchants and vice versa.
  2. No need to pay deposit/withdrawal fees twice. You only pay fees for the deposit and start using your funds.
  3. Multiple cashback and promo initiatives. Eminent of crypto credit cards and their partners are the various running campaigns to onboard new customers.

As such, more and more cryptocurrency users are considering trying DeFi cards for personal and business needs.

Introducing Xuirin, DeFi cards platform with native Xuirin token

The novel crypto debit card project Xuirin employs all the latest developments in DeFi to offer the most convenient and resource-efficient card for daily usage in personal and commercial use cases.

Xuirin: Basics

Introduced by a team of cryptocurrency developers and entrepreneurs in 2024, Xuirin is an ecosystem of crypto debit cards. As per statements of its representatives shared on the official Xuirin website, the ecosystem includes DeFi debit cards themselves, intelligent crypto payment gateways, an AI-powered peer-to-peer (P2P) lending module and a multi-chain, non-custodial, highly secure decentralized cryptocurrency wallet.

Image by Xuirin

Despite being in very early phases of development, the project has already scored a third-party security audit with SolidProof, a reputable cybersec team in crypto and blockchain.

The project’s economics are underpinned by the native eponymous token XUIRIN, which is issued on top of Ethereum (ETH) as an ERC-20 asset. Right now, the token is available in a discount sale phase for $0.03 in equivalent.

Xuirin: Features

In order to address the most dangerous challenges in the segment of DeFi credit cards, Xuirin offers a number of exclusive features to various groups of its customers. Thanks to its tech design and rich stack of integrations, the card is suitable for all types of transactions, be it online shopping or dining out.

Due to a balanced transactions scheme, which is 100% regulatory compliant in various regions and territories, Xuirin cards can be seamlessly usable both locally and internationally. Xuirin cards guarantee quick and safe payment processes; their owners can withdraw cash in ATMs in various regions.

The Xuirin team highlights that security and anonymity of transactions with funds are guaranteed by Xuirin's non-custodial DeFi wallet associated with its cards.

Last but not least, new and existing customers of Xuirin cards are able to enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges around the world.

Xuirin: Tiers and rewards

To make the experience with cryptocurrency debit cards resource-efficient for various groups of customers, its team introduced three tiers of DeFi cards associated with various cashback rates on transactional volume.

Xuirin’s offering's tiered structure — with Silver, Gold and Diamond cards — enhances each transaction with escalating cashback rewards. Silver tier users enjoy 2.5% cashback, Gold members receive 4%, and Diamond cardholders are at the forefront with generous 8% cashback.

While a Silver card can be opened for free, a Gold card is available for $50 and a Diamond card can be obtained for a one-time $90 payment.

Xuirin: How to buy XUIRIN token

In late Q1, 2024, the team of Xuirin is running the inaugural phase of the XUIRIN token sale for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Everyone can purchase XUIRIN with their on-chain wallet seamlessly via the project’s website main page.

XUIRIN is minted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as an ERC-20 token; its supply is capped at 1,000,000,000 XUIRIN. The team designed a balanced tokenomical structure to protect the asset from inflation and fuel catalysts for its demand.


Allocation, million XUIRIN amount



Liquidity and listing reserves


Partner and advisor compensation


Ecosystem development


Presale allocation


Market making, KOL incentives


Team rewards


Cashback reserves


Right now, the token is available with a discount at $0.03 only. Users can purchase it for either Ether (ETH) or U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) via Xuirin’s official website.

Image by Xuirin

All purchasers of the Xuirin token with $100+ deposits can take part in the global $500,000 giveaway initiative. A lucrative 5% referral bonus can be claimed by successful owners of affiliate links. 

Closing thoughts

Xuirin is a one-stop platform for DeFi credit cards targeting B2B and B2C usage. Customers can top up these cards with cryptocurrency and use them like regular bank cards.

The project is running a public presale of its token XUIRIN on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a massive giveaway and affiliate program for early supporters.


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