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Slothana ($SLOTH) Raises Astonishing $7.5 Million In Nine Days As Traders Call It The Next $BOME or $SLERF

Thu, 4/04/2024 - 11:45
Slothana ($SLOTH) Raises Astonishing $7.5 Million In Nine Days As Traders Call It The Next $BOME or $SLERF
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The newly emerging Solana-based meme coin project, Slothana ($SLOTH), continues turning heads after raising an astonishing $7.5 million in its unique “send to wallet” presale event.

Image by Slothana

Traders are rushing to position themselves in the bubbling meme coin as they believe it has the potential to follow the success of $BOME or $SLERF, which conducted similar presale strategies and were instantly listed on Binance.

With huge viral potential, an expert marketing team behind it, and a novel presale mechanism, Slothana could turn into one of the top popular meme coins in April.

Slothana ($SLOTH) attracts over $7.5 million in unique presale

Image by Slothana

Slothana ($SLOTH) has already attracted an incredible $7.5 million in its presale in just nine days, demonstrating the building momentum behind the newly emerging meme coin.

Traders are rushing to the meme coin due to the huge viral potential behind the meme and the highly experienced marketing team rumored to be pushing the token.

Slothana is based on a meme of a highly professional-looking sloth character stuck in his office job waiting for his 9-5 shift to end.

The sloth is tired of his office grind and wants to start crypto trading, with Slothana ($SLOTH) being his big market debut.

The meme has huge viral potential as it is highly relatable to most investors in the space, with most traders feeling Slothana’s struggle.

In addition, the project is rumored to have the marketing team that pushed the Smog token ($SMOG), another Solana-based airdrop-focused meme coin, to exceptional heights as it reached a $300 million market cap level.

The rumors stem from the fact that the Smog Token account was one of the first to reply to Slothana’s first X post - back when it had fewer than 50 followers;

As a result, traders are keen to become early adopters of $SLOTH and are using the unique presale strategy to get positioned at the lowest possible price.

Does Slothana have the potential to follow $BOME or $SLERF for instant Binance listing?

The unique presale strategy behind Slothana was made popular by meme coin giants like Book of Meme ($BOME) and Slerf ($SLERF).

Both these tokens used a presale strategy in which investors were required to send $SOL tokens to a simple wallet address to receive the token after it launched.

Darkfarms pioneered the strategy, using his social media presence to attract funding for $BOME. The token saw massive success as it surpassed a billion-dollar market cap level and received an instant Binance listing.

slothana cmc
Source: CoinMarketCap

$SLERF followed a similar path but became a viral sensation for different reasons. The developer behind $SLERF made a colossal mistake when launching his smart contract, burning the tokens raised in the presale.

The developer quickly went to X Spaces to share his blunder, and the community quickly stepped in and started buying $SLERF in huge quantities, encouraging Binance to list the token within two hours of its launch.

Now, traders believe Slothana ($SLOTH) can follow a similar path. Its relatable meme and huge viral potential make it a strong contender to be listed on Binance following its launch.

Presale could end anytime: How to participate in “Send to Wallet” presales

The Slothana ($SLOTH) presale could end anytime, considering the project hasn’t announced a hard cap limit for fundraising.

As a result, investors will need to be quick to get positioned in this newly emerging meme coin before it launches.

The team has asked its community if they would prefer a DEX listing at launch or a combination of CEX and DEX listings. The overwhelming majority of users voted for both, meaning the token could be expected to launch immediately on a tier-1 exchange.

slothana twitter

Participating in the presale is relatively straightforward, with investors having two options.

The easiest option is to use the “Lazy Sloth Buy Widget” on the project’s website, which requires users to connect their Solana wallets and enter the amount of $SOL they wish to invest.

Image by Slothana

Alternatively, users can send $SOL to the wallet highlighted on the project’s website.

Once the fundraising period has ended and the token launches, everybody who sent $SOL to the wallet address will be sent their $SLOTH.

The presale uses a flat structure, with investors receiving 10,000 $SLOTH for 1 $SOL.

Overall, the incredible speed to hitting $7.5 million demonstrates the building hype behind Slothana. Its relatable meme, huge marketing presence, and unique presale strategy put it in a strong position to follow in the footsteps of $SLERF and $BOME in April 2024.

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