John McAfee

John McAfee is a programmer and entrepreneur, founder of McAfee Associates, creator of the first commercial antivirus software. He is a political activist and very strong supporter of cryptocurrency.

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John McAfee Calls Bitcoin (BTC) 'Worthless,' Shows Support for These Three Cryptocurrencies

The man who predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach $1 mln in 2020 is now calling the cryptocurrency that started it all 'worthless'
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Crypto Can Save User Data Amid Plans for Massive Surveillance During COVID-19 Spread

Weiss Crypto Ratings agency believes that amid the COVID-19 spread, privacy coins can help users benefit and protect themselves as governments are enforcing surveillance
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John McAfee Predicts Hyperinflation, Names Coins That Will Act as Safe Haven During COVID-19 Crisis

John McAfee thinks that privacy coins could protect investors from the looming hyperinflation of fiat currencies
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Former ‘Bitcoin (BTC) Preacher’ John McAfee Quits President Campaign, Picks Different Post

The crypto world's hope for US politics, John McAfee, says he is quitting the US presidential campaign and aiming for another powerful post in the White House
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Roger Ver Slams Bitcoin Maximalists for Only Caring About Price

Crypto influencer Roger Ver bashes Bitcoin maximalists, saying that pumping BTC and fixing their profits is all they care about, sounding much like John McAfee