John McAfee

John McAfee is a programmer and entrepreneur, founder of McAfee Associates, creator of the first commercial antivirus software. He is a political activist and very strong supporter of cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Hit $152,000 in Dec 2020, Should It Keep Surging at Current Pace: Crypto Bull

A crypto bull from Twitter provides data on the BTC price growth this month, says Bitcoin may hit $152,000 if it keeps rising at the same high speed as now
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

John McAfee Slams Bitcoin Hard, Community Taken Aback

Prominent Bitcoin bull John McAfee suddenly defects on Bitcoin, calling it ‘the true shitcoin’ and makes a bet on alts
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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Likely to Touch $85,000 In Next Bull Run, Trading Expert Believes

Crypto trader Josh Rager predicts that the next Bitcoin peak might be lower than all other bulls are predicting - $85,000 maximum
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Justin Sun to Pay 1 Mln TRX to Major Bitcoiner ‘Tron Troll’, Ethereum Allegedly Does the Same

Justin Sun has offered to pay 1 mln TRX to a person who claims to be a ‘Tron troll’ and who alleges that Ethereum pays to its trolls openly every quarter of a year
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John McAfee Says Bitcoin Is Not the Future and Explains Why

The crypto baron John McAfee stops praising Bitcoin, says that the future of crypto depends on other coins and other things to do with crypto