LTC Price Predicted to Keep Rising After Sparking Crypto Spring — Five Positives from Litecoin
LTC Price Predicted to Keep Rising After Sparking Crypto Spring — Five Positives from Litecoin

5 Reasons to Invest in Ripple: How to Invest in XRP Most Profitable

  • Vera Thornpike

    Being one of the Top-10 world cryptocurrencies, Ripple attracts both individual and corporate investors. Here are five reasons for you to become the next XRP owner

5 Reasons to Invest in Ripple: How to Invest in XRP Most Profitable
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Cryptocurrencies used to be one of the most promising investments last year, and both well-established and new assets are on demand now. Although you’re not likely to make 1000% profits like the first investors, you can still turn a dollar by making the right bet.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other coins alike have become too expensive, Ripple is a smart investment under $1. Why do we recommend investing in XRP, and what makes this cryptocurrency special?

What is Ripple?

The answer “Oh, it’s just a Bitcoin analog” is absolutely wrong. Calling it an equivalent means underestimating its value. Ripple is a payment platform that was created primarily for banks and financial institutions. It uses the proprietary XRP cryptocurrency. The network was established by for-profit company Ripple Labs in 2012 and started growing actively when banks and other financial institutions have taken their interest in it at the beginning of 2017.

Despite the fact that Ripple’s Blockchain ledger reminds of Bitcoin’s, it has a few principal technical differences that make up for faster transaction processing. Some accuse Ripple of being highly centralized: while Bitcoin and altcoin transactions are made possible thanks to distributed computing nodes, Ripple transactions are partially managed by Ripple Labs.

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What are the advantages of Ripple?

  1. Ripple processes a transaction within 4 seconds. That’s much faster compared to some other cryptocurrencies. Overall capacity is 1,500 TPS (transactions per second).

  2. Ripple-driven transactions have a low fee — such way of payments is more beneficial than ordinary transfers.

  3. Ripple enables international financial transactions and can be used to send and receive payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

  4. Payments are available worldwide, and financial transfers are instant. That’s why Ripple is a better option than Western Union or international bank transfers.

Thanks to abundant Ripple investment flowing from over 100 banks, this platform is evolving quickly, and it may soon revolutionize the way we process payments.

Ripple TPS rate is growing

5 reasons to invest in Ripple

Now, when you have a better understanding of how it works, it’s time to find out why to buy Ripple.

1. Advanced transaction protocol

We all can agree that the current financial system leaves a lot to be desired. Sending money to people who aren’t clients of your bank is a long, tiresome process. Sending money abroad is an even bigger pain in the neck.

This is where Ripple comes into play. Thanks to the Ripple Transaction Protocol, we can transfer digital currencies, fiat currencies, and even information in a jiffy. No third-party agents are required — Ripple makes the process incredibly simple by sending the money via a digital channel safely and quickly.

Yet, both participants of the exchange process have access to a secure channel, which eliminates possible risks and threats. Therefore, XRP is equally useful for banks and individuals. “Should I buy Ripple for making minor transactions and transfers?” — you can ask. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

Ripple is a great alternative to banking transfers

2. Ripple will improve the banking system instead of erasing it

Of course, the vast majority of crypto enthusiasts share Peter Diamandis’ utopian opinion:

At its core, Bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions… all good things.

But thinking that banking systems will fall into oblivion is naive. Digital currency will stay here, but we are more likely to witness its integration into everyday life with the help of giants of the financial world — large banks.

With this point in mind, we can assume that Ripple Labs took a smarter approach: instead of opposing itself to banks, Ripple offers a mutually beneficial partnership. At the moment, over 100 banks have become Ripple investors and initialized the process of XRP integration. Those include:

  • Cambridge Global Payments

  • Star One Credit Union

  • BBVA

  • SEB

  • SBI Remit

  • eZforex

It is said that Ripple can successfully replace SWIFT payments, though its TPS is still on the substandard level. So, is Ripple a good investment for banks? Like any other for-profit institute, banks want money and cost-efficient ways of performing operations. Using Ripple saves a bank $3.76 per payment, which sums up to saving $564,000 every year.

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3. XRP is backed up by a brilliant team

Let’s not forget that the ICO success depends on who’s behind the project. Many digital currencies don’t even hit the market because their incompetent creators don’t know the right methods. In 2015, the Ripple team managed to gather venture capital worth $55 mln in one funding round — apparently, these guys knew how to cast their project in the best light. Money continues to flow as major banking sphere players take their interest in this cryptocurrency.

Major corporate Ripple investors

There’s one particular investor to support Ripple: Google. In fact, the corporation was among the first contributors because it saw the potential to facilitate and protect payment. Google can’t make mistakes, right? Aside from Google and Apple, Ripple invest is made by Airbnb, Asana, BuzzFeed, Coinbase, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap.

4. XRP price predictions are promising

Is Ripple worth buying? One of the main aspects to consider is XRP price prediction. Although we are witnessing a minor price fall, Ripple is expected to overcome $1 threshold by the end of 2018, or even go back to $3.5.

According to the current predictions, many Ripple experts agree that its price can increase to $200–300 in 10 years. If Ripple becomes a de facto payment asset for banks, it can reach the price of $20 very soon. Besides, since the company continues heating up investors’ interest, XRP can become less volatile.

Here are the forecasts present on WalletInvestor:

XRP forecasts differ


5. Ripple is cheap and available

Ripple is still one of the cryptocurrencies under $1, so investment won’t take a burden on your budget. The coins can be bought on any popular crypto exchange — finding a suitable sum isn’t a problem. The average daily Ripple turnover on major exchange website is about $1–6 mln, which proves the currency is highly desirable.

How to invest in Ripple?

Now, when the plethora of XRP advantages is described and you know why to invest in Ripple, let’s find out how it can be done.

  1. Create a Ripple account. There’s a myriad of reliable XRP exchanges that allow keeping Ripple right on your account. Bitsane, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Kraken are among the leaders. Alternatively, you can use a special Ripple wallet. No matter which exchange website you choose, the process of buying XRP is the same.

  2. Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase. As soon as you have Ripple account created, you need the currency to buy it. Buying crypto in Coinbase is very simple: create an account and proceed to the Buy/Sell page to submit your request.

  3. Transfer your ETH or BTC to your Bitsane account. Open your Bitsane account, proceed to Balances → Wallets, and check the coins you hold on your account. Click on Bitcoin (or Ethereum), and you will see a wallet address generated. Go back to Coinbase, select ‘Accounts’ and ‘Send.’ The window for sending Bitcoin will be opened: here you should paste the address generated in Bitsane.

  4. Now you can finally buy Ripple. For executing Bitcoin-Ripple transactions on a regular basis, you can save the pair as a pattern and keep it pinned to the top of Bitsane homepage.

If you want to reap maximum benefit from your investments, be patient: it may take Ripple a few years to maturate and start thriving. However, the profits are definitely worth waiting. By the way, if you prefer cold storage and want a reliable XRP storage solution, consider a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It will keep your XRP safe and secure, and you won’t be tempted to panic sell the currency in case of serious fluctuations.

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Bottom Line

“Should I invest in Ripple?” — you wonder. More likely yes than no. Like any other cryptocurrency, Ripple is volatile, and investment isn’t devoid of risks. However, considering the low price and low entry barrier coupled with optimistic XRP predictions, buying some XRP is a smart decision. Your humble investment can come to quite a sum in a few years.

You never know when Ripple will skyrocket — the crypto market seems to be in a never-ending fever. But XRP is one of the most technically advanced digital currencies with a strong team and rich investors backing it up. The guys from Ripple Labs are tight-lipped about the project, and they will surely take new steps in the direction of ultimate superiority on the crypto market.

So, hurry up while Ripple is still cheaper than $1 — don’t let your golden opportunities slip by!

*** Please note that every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

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Best 10 Bitcoin Movies and Cryptocurrency Documentaries to Watch in 2019

  • Denys Serhiichuk

    Nowadays, one can get information about Bitcoin and Blockchain from everywhere. That could be forums, social media, and even books. This trend has become so popular that even directors have started to shoot movies about it. We selected the 10 best films about the main cryptocurrency so you can find that one which you would like the best.  

Best 10 Bitcoin Movies and Cryptocurrency Documentaries to Watch in 2019
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With the beginning of cryptocurrency hype, documentary filmmakers are also interested in the blockchain and the opportunities it provides.

However, few people know that there are documentaries that shed a realistic light on “digital gold” and describe their positive and negative sides without embellishment. We picked the top 10 films that describe the history of Bitcoin.

Alt: Bitcoin movie

Banking on Bitcoin

This movie will give you the possibility to know better the earliest users of Bitcoin technology. It discusses the features of revolutionary cryptocurrency technology, and its potential and ability to change people's lives. Erik Voorhees, Gavin Andresen, and Charlie Shrem took part in the creation of this documentary.

The film deeply analyzes the successes and falls experienced by the early users of the currency since Bitcoin was released in 2008. Throughout the film, its creators tried to find a so-called harmony between regulation and innovation. The movie reveals various points of view on topics related to Bitcoin, as well as talks about how technology pioneers contributed to the creation of blockchain technology. If you are passionate about innovation and legal regulation, you should definitely watch this film.

Bitcoin Gospel

Bitcoin Gospel” logo

It is a Dutch documentary that gives answers to questions about what Bitcoin is, how to pay with it and why it has become so popular. The film is focused on the speeches of crypto-enthusiast Roger Ver, who is called Bitcoin Jesus. He explains in detail how this currency operates. The movie mainly revolves around Ver, who has devoted his life to the promotion of the use of Bitcoin. It also analyzes the mining industry in China. Other prominent Bitcoin-angels, such as Andreas Antonopoulos, also appear in the film.

Furthermore, the film focuses on the performance of Roger Ver in Japan, a country that is supposedly drawn to Bitcoin much more than others. If you would like to master your knowledge of Bitcoin, this film is clearly for you.

Magic Money

Magic money” logo

This film was prepared specifically to answer lots of issues about Bitcoin that exist in the public space, including what Bitcoin is and what its consequences for society are. The creation and further development of the first form of digital currency is described here. Bitcoin is a currency that is not currently controlled by modern monetary institutions, but by people using it. “Magic Money” analyzes the origin of the currency and its key functions. It also addresses the point of whether this currency is really the solution for the whole society. The movie seriously investigates the mysterious origin of the revolutionary currency and what outcomes it may have for the future of our world.

Unlike other similar films, it does not concern the history of cryptocurrency but rather its practical use. During the film, businessmen from different countries of the world express their opinions about Bitcoin as the main payment instrument.

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Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it” logo

The film was directed by Torsten Hoffmann and appeared in 2015.

It explains the following features of digital assets:

  • Peculiarities of virtual currency

  • Intricacies of commerce and trade

  • Reasons why Bitcoin can be useful

This film traces the evolution of money from the ancient times to Wall Street’s commercial centers.

It is mentioned how Bitcoin is in many ways different from any other currency created in the history of mankind, and how it could blow up the minds of most people since the currency is decentralized and reliable from the point of view that it does not have official intermediaries and every user has the ability to independently monitor transactions within the network. Bitcoin challenges traditional banking and monetary systems. The producer of the film wanted to stress how much the new currency would violate the usual monetary systems we are all used to.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” logo

Filmed in 2014, it is one of the first documentaries about Bitcoin and other coins. In this film, the author talks about how he has become interested in BTC and how, through participation in the Bitcoin community, he learned about the global influence of this breakthrough technology on our world.

The essence of the picture is an optimistic view of virtual money. Here we consider the history and features of cryptocurrency. Special attention is paid to the personality of Satoshi Nakamoto, who managed to create the unique money that grabbed the attention of the whole world. The film tells about important events in the Bitcoin system, offers a more detailed overview of the virtual currency and its features. During the filming, interviews were given by many famous people, including the Winklevoss brothers, Vitalik Buterin and others. According to many experts, this film received the greatest publicity in the cryptocurrency environment and has many good reviews.

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is a film that documents the unpredictable journey of Bitcoin. It covers all Bitcoin-related events that have ever led media headlines.

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The Bitcoin Experiment

The Bitcoin Experiment” logo

The film was released in 2016. This is a social test about the legal points of Bitcoin as a digital currency. The filmmakers went to Scandinavia, which they showed as an example of how applicable digital currency is in a person’s life. The film is a documentation of a social experiment. The authors of the film examined the question of how people are ready to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.


The movie captures moments of how cryptocurrency creates freedom from pre-established financial institutions, even for the average citizen of the country. It also demonstrates the benefits that consumers can derive from the use of revolutionary digital currency.

Life on Bitcoin

Life on Bitcoin” logo

From the name of the film alone, one can already draw conclusions about its features. The documentary movie tells about the life of young spouses who give themselves the task of living for three months using only the cryptocurrency. The main intrigue is that they started the experiment immediately after their wedding.

The film consists of two parts that are related. The first tells about Bitcoin, the problems of using it, its features, and other aspects. In the second part, the young couple films their attempts to live on the cryptocurrency.

“Life on Bitcoin” clearly showed how rarely cryptocurrency is found outside of large cities and how hard it is to convince vendors to accept Bitcoins as payment.

I am Satoshi

I am Satoshi

This is a 53-minute documentary film. It conducts a detailed study of Bitcoin from the position of a participant in the global economic system. The film raises the question of whether the technology behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency can upgrade the modern world. In 2014, this tape was awarded in the nomination for “The most creative cinema.”

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The Bitcoin Story

The plot of this film is developing rapidly. It contains all the secrets associated with the emergence of Bitcoin, and also describes the fundamentals of technology, the political background and the ability of Bitcoin to transform the financial sector. In addition, the directors included the points of view different venture capitalists have on cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The film tells the story of how the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created. Let Satoshi Nakamoto remain anonymous, but the personalities of the people with whom he made his creation are well known. One of them, Gavin Andresen, talks about his experience of communication with Nakamoto. He explains why the idea of ​​creating Bitcoin is ingenious, and how it fundamentally differs from earlier cryptocurrency projects that remained unfulfilled.

The movie shows the importance of BTC as a means of payment, as well as the uniqueness of the Bitcoin network from a technical point of view. In addition, the film tells the stories of Bitcoin-evangelicals Erik Voorhees and Trace Mayer.

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