Russian Federation is one of the countries with a high interest in crypto & blockchain: it has no strict crypto regulations for traders and miners.

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Crypto for Mutual Payments Discussed by Russia, China, and Other BRICS Countries

The BRICS countries could launch their own cryptocurrencies to shift away from the US Dollar
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Russian Mega-Factory to Be Turned into Huge Bitcoin Mining Farm: Details

Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Marinichev plans to turn an abandoned UC Rusal factory into a major Bitcoin mining facility
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Russia and China Are Buying Gold, Not Bitcoin: Gabelli Analyst

Chris Mancini claims that the world's governments will turn to gold instead of Bitcoin in case of an economic crisis
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Palladium-Pegged Stablecoin to Be Launched by Russian Oligarch on Hyperledger Fabric

A Russian metal company Norilsk Nickel is working to create its metal-pegged coin along with a crypto exchange for tokens backed by commodities
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Vexel CEO Shares Leadership Advice After His Startup Successfully Survived Crypto Winter

Vexel CEO talks the company’s thorny path to success and its future expansion plans