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Donald Trump Praises Former Bakkt CEO. Will He Warm Up to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Donald Trump is not a fan Bitcoin (BTC) but Kelly Loeffler could change that
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Tom Lee Insists 2020 Will Be Good for Bitcoin (BTC) Despite Recent Pullback

Fundstrat's Tom Lee doubles down on his bullish prediction as Bitcoin (BTC) hits a snag
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Bitcoin (BTC) and Federal Reserve Have One Thing in Common, According to CNBC's Guy Adami

If Bitcoin (BTC) is creating money from thin air, this is exactly what the Federal Reserve has been doing since September, says CNBC's Guy Adami
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Crypto Community Puts Bitcoin (BTC) in "409K" After Trump's Tweet

From Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions to buying domains — Crypto Twitter goes berserk after Trump makes a typo in his early-morning tweet
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Bitcoin Price Might Have Its Best Thanksgiving Ever if Bulls Persist

The Bitcoin price (BTC) needs a little push to record its best Thanksgiving day to date. Will crypto-related table discussions make it happen?