Tom Lee

Fundstrat head analyst and partner Thomas Lee is a supporter of crypto projects and the crypto bull who makes BTC price predictions.

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$484.7 Mln in Bitcoin (BTC) Pushed by Bittrex Through Anonymous Wallets

Whale alert detects 143,556 BTC moved between wallets with unregistered owners, part of it was transferred involving the Bittrex exchange
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Bitcoin Price Reaching $500,000 Is 'Possible,' Says Fundstrat's Tom Lee

Fundstrat's Tom Lee believes that the most bullish Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions could end up being true in the long-term
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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predicted to Skyrocket to $40,000 by Tom Lee

Fundstrat's Tom Lee ups the ante after Bitcoin's (BTC) sudden drop below $10,000 left a dent in the bull case
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Fundstrat's Tom Lee in Hot Water for Speaking at Anti-Bitcoin Conference

Tom Lee and Fundstrat take a hit from the Bitcoin (BTC) community for participating in the forthcoming CoinGeek conference
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Tom Lee Predicts That Bitcoin (BTC) Price Could Skyrocket by Nearly 200 Percent in Six Months

Fundstrat's Tom Lee expects the Bitcoin (BTC) price to continue rallying after its better-than-expected performance in January