North Korea

North Korea is notorious not only for its closed fiat-centered economy - its hackers often compromise cryptocurrencies in South Korea.

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'Bitcoin Jesus' Roger Ver Supports Arrested Ethereum Dev, Calvin Ayre Accuses Him of Treason

Roger Ver supports the Ethereum research scientist arrested by FBI and gets treason accusations from BSV investor Calvin Ayre
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North Korea Encroaches on Burgeoning Crypto Sector in Southeast Asia: Report

📖🤔Southeastern Asia appears to be the most vulnerable region when it comes to Kim Jong-un’s crypto ambitions
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Ethereum Holders Will Soon Be Able to Buy North Korean Visa for 0.001 ETH

⛓️💰Post-liberation Blockchain visas will help fund the growing dissident movement in North Korea
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Here’s How Much Bitcoin North Korea Amassed After Hacking Asian Cryptocurrency Exchanges

🏦🐱‍💻Apart from banks, oil and gas companies, North Korean hackers also target the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia💱
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Marine Chain Turned Out to Be North Korean Crypto Scam

North Korea concocted a crypto scam in order to provide funds for totalitarian regime. Marine Chain is actually bogus website that is meant to lure in gullible investors