PoW (Proof of Work)

Proof of work is data generated by a computer for verification purposes. This data is very complex and difficult to produce, but easily recognized as valid by other computers in network. Proof of work is used in Bitcoin mining. It is criticized for consuming lot of energy resources.

George ShnurenkoGeorge Shnurenko

Bitcoin 51% Attack: How It Works, How Much Bitcoin 51 Attack Costs

51% attack Bitcoin occurs when more than half of the hash rate decides to verify certain transactions leaving others unverified
Anton TarasovAnton Tarasov

What Is Hashrate and Mining Difficulty?

✔️🏬Have you window shopped for ASICs or are you wondering how bitcoin mining works under the hood? In either case, you need to know about hashrate and mining difficulty!
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Amazon Patents PoW System, Some Optimists Expect ‘Amazon Coin’ to Appear

🦄The recent patent of e-commerce giant Amazon has been approved, now the company can legally build a Proof-of-Work blockchain system similar to that of Bitcoin
Darryn PollockDarryn Pollock

The Fight For Democracy in the Crypto Space

Democracy, in terms of the Blockchain protocol is supposed to be a key feature, but as it stands there is more radicalism happening
Darryn PollockDarryn Pollock

Cryptocurrency Mining and the Energy Crisis Fallacy

There’s a lot of talk about the cryptocurrency mining crisis, but is there really a problem, or is it all being blown out of proportion?