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Find out what's going on with Filecoin, a digital payment system and blockchain-based data storage platform.

Eric EisslerEric Eissler

Top 10 ICOs by Funds Raised, From Filecoin to TRON

The top 10 ICOs by funds raised have a combined total of $1.4 bln
Katya MichaelsKatya Michaels

Vinny Lingham On Bitcoin Future and Next Crypto Star: Exclusive to CryptoComes

The Bitcoin Oracle remains bullish on the cryptocurrency market: exclusive interview with Vinny Lingham
Tzao SeTzao Se

Past ICO Review: Borderline Porn May Help Substratum to Bootstrap

This ICO is a good tech, but are perverts the only ones who are really willing to pay for the freedom of the Internet?
Tzao SeTzao Se

Why ICOs Are Uglier, Worse Stock Market: Opinion

Here, on Blockchain territory, we are thought to be making a revolution. Horseshit. In fact, what we are doing here, is uglier, worse stock market.