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Dai News

Dai News - any events, reports, etc that describe the news about the Dai stablecoin and the team behind it, which could be of importance to the crypto market.

Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Crypto Fund Co-Founder: Accept Reality, Crypto Market is Broke

The aftermath of the recent crypto market crash will be discussed for many months to come, if not, years. The DeFi tools collapse is one of the results
Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

DAI Stablecoin Fiat Purchasing Now Avaliable on Simplex

Purchasing crypto via credit cards remains the simplest way to obtain digital assets for a majority of traders. A new DAI-to-fiat paygate arrives from Simplex ecosystem
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Cardano Founder Speaks of Possible Stablecoin Launch – Will It Really Happen?

Cardano may serve as a basis for a stablecoin, Charles Hoskinson says if it happens, it will blow everyone’s mind in the crypto community
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

MakerDAO Could Become First Trustless Bank: Weiss Crypto

Leading cryptocurrency ranking agency Weiss Crypto Ratings predicts that the DAI stablecoin could become the first real world currency
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Bitcoin Supporter Peter McCormack: DAI Too Complicated for Normal People to Use

Bitcoin podcaster and crypto enthusiast Peter McCormack bashed the DAI stablecoin for its complex structure, saying that it is too hard for regular users to understand