Bitrue Adds Four EOS Pairs, Among them XRP-Based One

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    The recently founded Bitrue exchange, which was one of the first to give XRP the base currency status, has launched four more EOS pairs, including EOS/XRP

Bitrue Adds Four EOS Pairs, Among them XRP-Based One

On Thursday, January 17, the Bitrue exchange announced on its Twitter account that four EOS pairs have been added. Among them is the EOS/XRP pair. This event will certainly make the EOS community rejoice.


Bitrue expands its EOS trading assortment

EOS is one of the top-10 currencies, holding position #5 on the list. In mid-summer 2018, EOS, launched by the startup, created its own mainnet and transferred all of its tokens from the Ethereum blockchain and its ERC20 token standard.

Throughout 2018, EOS was making an aggressive advance, increasing the scalability of its network and the number of transactions per second. In August, U.Today reported that the EOS network managed to achieve nearly 3,000 transactions per second.

Bitrue XRP-based pairs

The exchange was one of the first to add XRP as its base currency, after Binance. At the moment, it already has quite an impressive list of coins trading against XRP, as per Coinmarketcap. Tron (TRX) was among the first coins paired with XRP, as reported by U.Today earlier.

Among the current XRP-based pairs on Bitrue, there are many top-30 coins and even top-10 ones.

XRP-based pairs on Bitrue 


Recent Ripple achievements

On Thursday, U.Today reported that the XRP community on Twitter has confirmed that fact that Ripple now has two crucial partners โ€“ HSBC Bank and Xoom. Xoom is an online payment service owned by PayPal, which is a giant of traditional online fiat payments, and therefore is an ideological rival of crypto. Now, it seems that XRP is making it yield to at least an indirect collaboration.

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Is Tesla about to start accepting crypto?

Elon Musk, one of PayPalโ€™s founders, has also been eyeing crypto, when in October 2018 the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao offered to buy a Tesla car paying with BNB coins. Since then, CZ and Musk have been having frequent public chats on Twitter threads, with CZ hoping to convince the Tesla CEO to start accepting crypto for its electric automobiles.

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