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Sun, 05/10/2020 - 14:41
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Vladislav Sopov
Brendan Blumer, CEO of, shared his views on EOS.IO’s decentralization, and the role of its community and developers.’s CEO Explains EOS Voting Policy, Announces 'Exciting Road Ahead'
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According to Brendan Blumer, EOS.IO's decentralized community is so 'extraordinary diverse' that an enormous set of considerations and trade-offs are inevitable.

Through Limitations Towards Autonomy

To explain his position on's participation in the EOS voting process, Mr. Blumer highlighted the influence of EOS.IO's creators will be limited to in order avoid the decentralization trade-offs.

Moreover, no other company with a 'more centralized approach' will be able to implement it into EOS as the network 'was designed without this possibility'. Yet, on the verge of's first EOS voting process, Blumer warned that it's impossible to make all the network actors happy.

With that being said, Blumer is sure that the dApp authors, token holders, network operators, and regulators can reach a consensus about how the EOS public chain should operate. 

It is not itself that is playing a key role in this consensus as the autonomous success of the EOS public chain is of paramount importance for the firm.

Exciting Road Ahead

Despite the insane technical complexity of balancing the EOS network participants, Mr. Blumer is optimistic about its prospects:

The road ahead is very exciting, and we will get there together

It is worth noting that will start its participation in the EOS block voting process in May 2020. According to the official announcement, the Public Blockchain Engagement team is set to launch research opportunities for the EOS Foundation and interacting with its network.

Brendan Blumer of Criticizes New EOS Worker Proposal System. Here's Why

As previously reported by U.Today, Mr. Blumer criticized the EOS Worker Proposal by Attic Lab and EOS Nation as the model leaves room for corruption and scrutiny.

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