Bank of America News

USA national bank that plans to enable the storage of cryptocurrency on enterprise accounts using proprietary hardware.

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XRP Fans Rejoice: Bank of America Names Ripple Innovative Technology Maker

A prominent XRP community member shares data in which the Bank of America names Ripple’s cross-border payment system an ‘innovation example’
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Bitcoin Fixes This: Former PayPal Exec Has His Bank Account Axed for No Reason

Even Roelof Botha, one of the most influential venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, can have his bank account frozen without explanation by banking overlords
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Ripple Confirms Bank of America Is Customer That Has Been Testing XRPL-Based Product

A Ripple’s rep has confirmed that BoA has been its customer since 2016 but only this year started testing its XRPL-based technology
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Is Blockchain Technology Still Interesting for Banks in 2019?

U.Today explores the wide-reaching implications of Blockchain technology for the global banking industry in 2019
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Bank of America Wins Patent On How Institutions Can Store Customers’ Bitcoin

Bank of America receives an approved patent, explaining how enterprises can store crypto for their customers if these assets are embraced on a wider scale