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Soldex Crypto Exchange Launches on Solana, Scores Partnership with Larix

Tue, 01/11/2022 - 09:20
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Vladislav Sopov
Soldex crypto exchange goes live to demonstrate unmatched performance of Solana blockchain with negligible fees
Soldex Crypto Exchange Launches on Solana, Scores Partnership with Larix
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Soldex, a novel crypto exchange ecosystem with an automated market-making engine, leverages Solana (SOL) smart contracts architecture to perform all the financial operations of the DeFi era.

Automated trading, high speed, intuitive UX: What is special about Soldex?

Decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange Soldex (SOLX) is one of the first DeFi protocols to launch on mainstream smart contracts platform Solana (SOL). It boasts a peer-to-peer exchange module and AMM engine for profitable trading and lightning-fast order execution.

Soldex promotes itself as a third-generation DEX with amazing performance indicators. It processes trades with $0.00001 per transaction fee at a speed of about 65,000 transactions per second. Such incredible performance is accomplished due to the novel and resource-efficient design of Solana (SOL) blockchain, which is the technical basis for Soldex (SOLX) operations.

Soldex offers a feature-rich toolkit of AI-powered trading bots. It allows for the elimination of the danger of "human error," in particular—for both newbie crypto enthusiasts and high-frequency traders. Soldex (SOLX) users can customize their bots considering a wide array of indicators, including volatility, risk tolerance, time frame, budget, crypto pairs, margin and so on.

With Soldex's trading bots, all operations on Soldex (SOLX) will be authorized by artificial intelligence. Prior to confirming this or that trade, Soldex's (SOLX) bots perform market analysis and risk evaluation. Thus, trading with the AI-powered automated module by Soldex (SOLX) is almost risk-free.

Soldex scores partnership with Larix, announces AMA for community

Also, Soldex (SOLX) implemented a novel educational module to let crypto newbies and professionals advance their understanding of markets and technology.

In its progress toward mainstream adoption in the Web3 era, Soldex (SOLX) inked a number of partnerships. In January 2022, it entered into a long-term strategic collaboration with Larix, the first-ever Solana-based decentralized lending/borrowing protocol. The collaboration between the two start-ups will upgrade the market visibility of both.

Larix Introduces Pioneering DeFi Practices to Solana (SOL): Details

Metaverse-centric protocol Larix pioneered LP mortgage lending with auto-compounding on Solana (SOL) blockchain. It supports a multitude of collateral types, stablecoins, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and synthetic assets.

To cover the latest accomplishments, Soldex's administration organizes an "ask-me-anything" session in its community. The AMA session will take place on Jan. 11 at 12 p.m. CET. Besides technical and marketing progress, Soldex representatives will share the details of their partnership campaign.

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