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Blockchain Education Hub Platinum Crypto Academy Partners with Cardano’s Bashoswap

Tue, 03/22/2022 - 09:43
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Vladislav Sopov
Platinum Crypto Academy, one of the leaders in crypto education, strengthens its position in Cardano’s ecosystem
Blockchain Education Hub Platinum Crypto Academy Partners with Cardano’s Bashoswap
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As Cardano’s ecosystem of DeFi protocols gains steam, its flagship protocols score crucial partnerships with large crypto communities to spread the word about blockchain and Web3.

Bashoswap partners with Platinum Crypto Academy: details

According to the official announcement shared by Platinum Crypto Academy, a global crypto-focused educational initiative on Web3, blockchain and crypto, its team has entered into a long-term strategic collaboration with Cardano’s DeFi protocol Bashoswap.

Image by Platinum Crypto Academy

This partnership is designed to support Bashoswap’s clients with crypto analytics and expertise on trading, asset management, personal finance, blockchain and Web3. Bashoswap’s clients can easily manage their portfolios with different trading styles and strategies.

The Cardano (ADA) ecosystem, which is the technical basis for Bashoswap and its competitors, is in focus for educational programs started with the partnership.

Last but not least, Platinum Crypto Academy students will upgrade their understanding of how the DeFi segment works in 2022.

Education for crypto newbies

Launched in 2016 by blockchain veterans, Platinum Crypto Academy establishes itself as a leader of free education in crypto for traders with various levels of expertise. Its Crypto Education segment boasts trading courses, crypto investing training programs and information on DeFi management.

A “crypto consultancy” portal includes tailored, client-centric services for advanced traders and blockchain entrepreneurs. It can help Platinum Crypto Academy users with portfolio analysis, integrating cryptocurrencies into business processes as well as PR and marketing activities.

Platinum Crypto Academy launched its “Cryptonaire Weekly” newsletter. It includes the sections Weekly Trades articles, Top Investments rankings, Market News and Press Releases.

Besides that, the academy maintains and supports an NFT Hub, a particular tab for enthusiasts of the digital collectibles scene. The newsfeed of PCA’s portal displays real-world prices for the hottest crypto heavyweights and DeFi altcoins.

Advanced DeFi experience on Cardano (ADA): What is Bashoswap?

Bashoswap promotes itself as the first multi-protocol decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. With its instruments, every Web3 entrepreneur can launch his/her own dApp on Cardano’s smart contracts.

Since its very first days, Bashoswap works in a KYC-neutral, fully noncustodial manner. It does not control users' assets or private keys from Cardano’s wallets.

Bashoswap offers high LP rewards for all liquidity providers across its ecosystem. This makes its DeFi experience profitable and seamless. With Bashoswap, multiple passive income protocols with orderbooks are accessible through a single interface.

Also, the protocol has a native built-in staking dashboard: it makes crypto staking on the largest PoS network, Cardano (ADA), accessible even to crypto newbies. Bashoswap integrated Cardano’s decentralized wallets, Nami and Yoroi.

Cardano-based DeFi Project Bashoswap Developing a Launchpad and DEX

Besides that, Bashoswap boasts a DEX module and native decentralized launchpad for early-stage projects. Recently, it organized a private token sale of its core utility and governance asset, BASH.

Bashoswap invites DeFi enthusiasts to join its early adopters program

The project went live in late Q4, 2021; seasoned crypto entrepreneur Mr. Beri Ardas spearheaded its progress.

Largely, Bashoswap targets the audience of Ethereum-based DEXes whose operations became unprofitable due to high fees and low transactional speeds.

Bashoswap adjusts cutting-edge DeFi practices to Cardano’s EUTXO model of transaction authorization.

By the end of Q2, 2022, Bashoswap is going to launch on Cardano’s mainnet in a full-fledged open version. Currently, it is stress tested by early adopters and selected blockchain enthusiasts. To join the whitelist for testing, Cardano community members should apply at

The process of registration is straightforward: testers with various levels of expertise in crypto and blockchain are welcome. The testing campaign is focused on experimenting with different technical designs and tokenomic scenarios.

Once live in mainnet, Bashoswap will provide a secure and resource-efficient platform for all Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs), as well as for ADA, the first cryptocurrency of Cardano’s global ecosystem.

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