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Mind Music Founders NFTs Collection Receives Rave Reviews, Here’s Why You Must Own One

Wed, 23/03/2022 - 14:00
Mind Music Founders NFTs Collection Receives Rave Reviews, Here’s Why You Must Own One
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Only 1010 unique mints of the founder series NFTs are available (1000x Public / 10x Team & Giveaways). There are 10x exclusive legendary NFTs hidden among the 1000 publicly available NFTs. There are numerous advantages to purchasing and holding a Mind Music NFT, so don't miss out. Insiders suggest holders of Mind Music NFTs will get many extra benefits in the future when the talent-verse Metaverse is completed.  These NFTs will play a key role in their metaverse.


Among the 1000 NFTs that are publicly available, there are 10x exclusive legendary NFTs. Every Mind Music NFT will include a physical copy of Mind Record's first physical record. Mind Records will include a special edition (numbered) colored vinyl, CD, and digital download bundle with every NFT purchase (1x package per NFT bought). The limited-edition version of this CD/Vinyl combo can only be obtained by purchasing an NFT.  Holders will also receive a 1 percent Mind Music transaction reflection! Don't miss out on the only method to receive Mind Music Reflections in the future. An equal amount of reflections will be given to each NFT and the more NFTs one purchases, the more reflections they will receive.  These NFTs are ultra rare and highly exclusive with very limited supply,  expect word to spread fast and them to sell out quickly!

The gold mental health ribbon and the exclusive backgrounds distinguish the Legendary collection; these are unique! For legendary NFT holders, there will be some lovely hidden surprises. You'll want one of these if you're a fan of Mind Music, mental health awareness, or even just music in general! Some of the entry-level benefits of simply holding one of these ultra-rare NFTs include:

  • A copy of Mind Record’s first album.
  • 1% reflection from the MND transactions
  • Free entry into all upcoming concerts.
  • 20% Discount on all Mind Records products for LIFE
  • 10% of your purchase will be donated to Charity

The Baby Mind minting engine is now operational, enabling for the minting and sale of Mind Music NFTs. Users can purchase Mind Music Token with BNB via Pancake Swap or with their bank account or credit card directly from Coin Tiger. First-time cryptocurrency buyers should utilize the Coin Tiger exchange, according to Mind Music, because it is simple to use.

The rising floor price for the collection is starting at 0.3 BNB for the first 400 mints. With many major CEX listings planned for the coming weeks, its predicted users will earn  5-10 usd per day in reflections alone, just by holding the mind music nft in their wallet!  These NFT's have an incredible amount of use cases attached to them.  It's hard to imagine that the price of these will not skyrocket over the coming months' 

Users can make the most with 75% APY and Airdrop

Mind Music aims to help people suffering with depression and other forms of Mental Illness. Using the power of music to relate to sufferers, the project wants to show suffering people that they are not alone and inspire hope through understanding. The project aims to provide a musical outlet, enabling people to begin their journey to a more stable mind. Mind Music powers its own independent record label that will be collaborating with artists around the world. The recorded music industry is worth over $20 Billion every year. MIND Records was formed with the goal of spreading mental health awareness and breaking the stigma associated with it. Mind Music’s  mission is to provide outstanding musicians with world-class recording and marketing services that are typically out of reach for indie musicians. 

Mind Music, the world's first crypto-powered record label launched a massive airdrop through Coinmarketcap, with 15,000 lucky winners receiving a total of 30 trillion tokens. The airdrop is set to finish by 26th March. On Coinmarketcap, users can find information on the airdrop as well as instructions on how to participate. The airdrop has proven to be a big success as it exposed Mind Music to millions of users.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of minting and trading unique and rare NFTs, users will profit in a variety of ways as Mind Music Token investors. Apart from the obvious benefits of contributing to Mental Health Awareness, user investment will reap the following rewards:

Automatic Buybacks: The 2% buyback tax is kept in a separate wallet that can be tracked. Mind Music Token is then purchased with the buyback wallet, increasing its value for holders. 

Sales Profits: While 80% of the profits generated from Mind Records will be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities, 20% of the profits will be used to buy and burn Mind Music Token and even further increase its value for holders

Reflection: 1% of every transaction is redistributed to holders depending on the percentage of tokens they hold. This means the amount of Mind Music Token users hold will constantly increase. From April 2022, users will need to hold one of the founder series NFT's to claim their share of the reflections

Deflationary Burn: 1% of every transaction is removed from circulation. The constant reduction in the coin's supply will increase the value of the coin in relation to the total liquidity over time.

Mind Music has also made staking live on its platform by launching its staking pools, The staking pools offer users an opportunity to earn up to 75% APY on their tokens holdings. Users only need to connect their wallets to staking pools to earn passive rewards. Apart from staking, the native token got listed on the first CEX Coin Tiger making it easier to trade and transfer.

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