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Fleek Network Releases Whitepaper for Decentralized Edge

Mon, 07/31/2023 - 13:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Polychain Capital-backed Fleek Network, decentralized edge platform, releases new version of its whitepaper, highlights next development goals
Fleek Network Releases Whitepaper for Decentralized Edge
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New whitepaper and upgraded GitHub repository describe the upcoming milestones for the Fleek Network project, its community and services interested in integrating it as a data logistics instrument. In general, it is set to accelerate the Web2-to-Web3 transition in many segments.

Fleek Network publishes whitepaper for decentralized edge platform

Fleek Network publishes its new decentralized edge whitepaper and a releases new open-source GitHub repository for the protocol, the official statement of its team says. Both releases are landmark milestones in Fleek Network's progress toward its testnet release expected next month.

The new version of the whitepaper is a natural evolution of the existing project's documentation. Simply put, it goes far beyond the original use case of Fleek Network's solution, i.e., decentralized CDN. While dCDN remains among the potential applications of what Fleek is developing, many more uses are envisaged.

As per the new whitepaper, the upgraded version of the protocol will support a variety of decentralized edge services, including the likes of serverless functions, SSR (server-side rendering), container orchestration, various database functions and so on.

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Harrison Hines, CEO and cofounder of Fleek Network, is excited by the opportunities unlocked by the new whitepaper and its role in the evolution of the product:

Similar to the modern web’s evolution, Web3 is quickly moving towards a modular and composable future. Introducing a highly-performant decentralized edge network into the Web3 stack as a shared performance layer could help close the gap between Web2 and web3 performance, and provide a significant building block for developers on the road to mass Web3 adoption. 

Also, the new whitepaper will help digital services in their migration from Web2 cloud infrastructure to decentralized edge platforms supercharged by Fleek Network.

Single scaling model for plenty of services

Parsa Ghadimi, lead researcher at Fleek Network, also outlined the benefits that might be available for end users following the release of the new whitepaper:

Fleek Network’s architecture replicates the theory the edge brought to web2 to a blockchain architecture: executing services close to users, intelligently scaling up and down, only using resources when and where required. It’s a unique setup in web3 today, geared specifically towards web-service performance and cost requirements.

The services kit provided by Fleek Network addresses the problems of latency and availability in a manner unavailable for platforms that work on the top of Web2.

Fleek Network relies on an ecosystem of geographically distributed nodes and, therefore, cannot be attacked by malefactors or censored by governments.

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