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Craig Wright

Craig Wright is an Australian cryptographer who rose to prominence after coming out of the real Satoshi Nakamoto in 2016. Wright got awarded by a Ph.D. from Charles Sturt University back in 2017 after getting two master’s degrees from the university.    

He cryptographically signed a message on his website to prove his real identity as Satoshi. However, Wright is yet to publicly prove that he’s the elusive Bitcoin inventor. 

WIRED, which initially acknowledged Wright as Satoshi, later discovered some gaps in history and suggested that the nChain scientist pulled off an elaborate scam. Software developer Gavin Andersen, who himself witnessed Wright signing a message with his private key, claimed that he was “bamboozled.”   

Wright is also known as one as a proud backer of Bitcoin SV, the highly controversial fork that split from the Bitcoin Cash chain back in November 2018. Wright believes that BSV is the real Bitcoin that lives up to the coin’s initial goal of being used as a medium of exchange. 

In 2019, the self-proclaimed Satoshi riled up the crypto community after suing those who questioned whether he is the real Bitcoin creator while facing legal troubles with the Kleiman estate.