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AAG Introduces New Blockchain Saakuru for Next Generation of dApps

Tue, 24/01/2023 - 12:00
AAG Introduces New Blockchain Saakuru for Next Generation of dApps
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The new development will give a boost to the scalability of the Oasys ecosystem, enhance the resource-efficiency of MetaOne wallet and fuel the next generation of DeFis and metaverses.

AAG introduces Saakuru to scale Oasys

According to the official statement shared by AAG, a cryptocurrency team focused on metaverses and on-chain gaming applications, it unveils Saakuru, a second-layer "gas-less" solution on Oasys blockchain.

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Largely, Saakuru release is designed to assist in onboarding the next generation of Web3 applications and upgrading the speed and security of AAG's MetaOne wallet. Also, Saakuru will allow Web3 developers to advance their on-chain activities with no extra fees.

Jack Vinijtrongjit, co-founder and CEO of AAG, highlights the importance of Saakuru going live for the entire Web3 ecosystem and its metaverse, gaming and VR/AR spheres:

We believe that this paradigm shift will allow developers to create games and applications the way they are supposed to work — without having to work around the gas fees. Onboarding will become much easier, meaning that people can enter Web3 with less friction. They can purchase crypto when they want and not because they are forced to. Saakuru blockchain is just another piece of the puzzle and AAG will continue to innovate to bring about our mission of onboarding everyone to Web3.

The Saakuru release dramatically reduces fees spending on NFT minting, which is among the most expensive operations in Web3. Saakuru pushes the barriers of resource efficiency and therefore makes on-chain gaming and metaverses accessible for a wide audience.

Good Game to Learn English (GOGA) launches on Saakuru

A number of Web3 applications has already announced their plans to build new releases on top of Saakuru. For instance, AI-powered educational app Good Game to Learn English, or GOGA, will use Saakuru to fuel its play-to-earn platform.

Nam Nguyen, CEO of GOGA, is excited by the prospects Saakuru unlocks for Web3 developers and the average users of their applications thanks to its "gas-free" model:

GOGA's new concept Play-to-Learn-and-Earn creates a new narrative in the blockchain world. With the support of Saakuru blockchain and MetaOne wallet, we are able to remove the friction from onboarding for traditional learners. Millions of users will be able to mint and trade NFTs and tokens easily and seamlessly enter Web3.

As covered by U.Today previously, in 2022, AAG Ventures rebranded to AAG in order to highlight its commitment to supporting the metaverse revolution.


In mid-November 2022, it also made headlines by integrating Simplex-backed fiat paygate.


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