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Token Metrics Analysts Introduce 14 AI-Powered Crypto Indices

Wed, 08/12/2020 - 10:23
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Vladislav Sopov
Token Metrics leverages the evaluation of crypto investment strategies with machine-learning tools. This innovative experience is introduced via newly released instrument
Token Metrics Analysts Introduce 14 AI-Powered Crypto Indices
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It is impossible to build a viable and secure strategy for cryptocurrency investments without researching digital assets thoroughly. However, high-level evaluation frameworks are too sophisticated for the majority of average traders—let alone crypto newbies. The Token Metrics team attempts to solve this issue through the power of artificial intelligence.

Multi-purpose investment guidance for all categories of traders

Similarly to Vanguard indices for classic real-world instruments (major stocks index funds and ETFs), Token Metrics has delivered 14 cryptocurrencies indices. These indices cover all popular cryptocurrencies, so they are suitable for both traders and holders.

The indices are based on machine-learning analysis performed by the Token Metrics proprietary artificial intelligence software. Thus, it provides clients with simplified exposure to top-notch technologies.

In the press-release shared with U.Today, Ian Balina, true crypto OG, CEO and founder of Token Metrics, highlights the multi-purpose essence of the product accompanied by its intuitive user experience:

We're excited to be launching one of our most requested features, crypto rating indices. These are model portfolios built using our machine learning technology that simplify and bring quality investing and trading to all crypto investors and traders.

Each index provides customers with detailed rebalancing strategy instructions and allows them to track assets’ performance online.

Analyzing every aspect of a potential token performance

Since launch, 14 crypto indices are taking into account all significant indicators that may show the direction of token price movements. In particular, it tracks crucial TA, technology and trading metrics:

  • Price Predictions (Top gainers based on AI)
  • Technical Analysis (Based on 22 TA indicators)
  • Fundamentals (Based on 25 fundamental metrics)
  • Technology (Based on 23 tech and code metrics)
  • And many more
Token Metrics introduces 14 AI-based metrics
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The set of indices is delivered by Token Metrics, a U.S.-based analytical firm that was launched back in 2018. Its team is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is focused on delivering cryptocurrency investment research to investors using professional analysts, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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