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Solana-based Secretum Now Integrated by Alfprotocol: Details

Tue, 03/22/2022 - 11:50
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Vladislav Sopov
Two major protocols of Solana's ecosystem announced a long-term strategic partnership
Solana-based Secretum Now Integrated by Alfprotocol: Details
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Secretum ecosystem is a first-ever privacy-focused messaging application and OTC trading instrument on Solana's ecosystem. Being fully on-chain, its architecture brings safe and censorship-resistant messaging to mainstream users. Now it is integrated by Alfprotocol asset managing system.

Alfprotocol integrates Secretum's Smart Public Channel: Why is this important?

According to a joint official announcement by the two teams, Secretum's secure encrypted on-chain system will advance messaging for Alfprotocol's platform. The new instrument will be used for communication between Alfprotocol's team and community.

A Dedicated Smart Public Channel will be launched by Secretum to establish a reliable platform for spreading information about the latest accomplishments of Alfprotocol. Also, the same platform will be optimized for messaging between Alfprotocol enthusiasts.

Besides the information about Alfprotocol's progress, its team is going to educate a wide audience about the latest news and trends in the red-hot segment of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and NFT marketplaces.

Educational videos, infographics and other types of easy-to-understand education content will be broadcast through a purpose-made Smart Public Channel by Secretum.

Thanks to the unique technical design of Secretum-based applications, all messaging histories will only be stored on blockchain nodes: no centralized party will control the flow of information in SPC.

Celebrating giveaway launches; $2,000 in SER and ALF up for grabs

To celebrate this crucial partnership for both teams, Secretum and Alfprotocol introduce a giveaway with prizes in SER and ALF tokens. In all, $2,000 in equivalent will be distributed between lucky participants.

DeFi enthusiasts should register at the giveaway's page and answer the questions. Fifty winners will receive 40 SER and 5000 ALF tokens each.

As covered by U.Today previously, Secretum established itself as a one-stop endpoint to peer-to-peer encrypted messaging on blockchain. Its toolkit includes an NFT module, crypto wallet, messenger, OTC board and other end-user features.

Solana-Based Messaging App Secretum Targets Three Billion Users, Here's Why

Alfprotocol is a cutting-edge liquidity ecosystem on Solana (SOL): it allows decentralized futures and contracts trading with up to 200x leverage.

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