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Yubo Ruan: Revolutionizing Web3 With A Web3 Super App

Wed, 22/11/2023 - 11:32
Yubo Ruan: Revolutionizing Web3 With A Web3 Super App
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Web3, the decentralized future of the internet, holds immense promise, yet it's often shrouded in complexity. At ParaX, we're on a mission to ensure that Web3 becomes accessible to everyone. We've developed a comprehensive ecosystem and cutting-edge technologies to simplify the Web3 experience.


ParaX: Making Web3 User-Friendly

ParaX isn't just another blockchain project. It's a user-centric ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between blockchain's complexity and everyday users. Our goal is clear: to make Web3 accessible, user-friendly, and efficient.

The ParaX Ecosystem

Meta User Interface (MUI): Imagine a single, intuitive portal that aggregates various Web3 applications, simplifying navigation. The MUI is your gateway to Web3.

Account Abstraction: Traditional blockchain transactions are rigid. ParaX introduces account abstraction, allowing flexible transaction formats.

Mini-Applications: We offer mini-applications for specific tasks, making Web3 interactions straightforward, whether it's managing assets, participating in DeFi, or engaging with NFTs.

AI-Powered Transaction Interpreter: Web3's technical intricacies are a barrier. ParaX's AI interpreter translates user intentions into actionable blockchain operations, making complex transactions simple.

Off-Chain Provable Compute Layer: Our off-chain compute layer streamlines cross-domain interactions, making Web3 domains easily accessible.

Setting a New Standard

ParaX is revolutionizing the Web3 user experience. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled efficiency and simplicity, welcoming users from all backgrounds.

ParaX ZkRollup: Scaling Web3

Beyond simplification, we address scalability with ParaX ZkRollup, a type 2.5 ZkRollup solution that redefines blockchain performance.

Unleashing ZkRollup

ZkRollup technology is renowned for scalability without compromising security. ParaX ZkRollup goes further, fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) opcodes.

The Sequencer: Reth

Reth, our sequencer, optimizes transactions with components like the transaction pool and state storage, ensuring seamless operations within ParaX.

Consensus and Speed

To achieve exceptional transaction speeds and minimal block confirmation times, we incorporate robust consensus mechanisms like diemBFT and hutstuff.

Efficiency Through ProtoStar and NIVC

ParaX ZkRollup optimizes efficiency with ProtoStar and Incremental Verifiable Computation (NIVC) proof systems. Hardware requirements for Provers are reduced, enhancing accessibility.

ParaX ZkRollup: The Future of Scalability

We understand that scalability is vital for Web3's accessibility. ParaX ZkRollup delivers high performance, efficiency, and user-friendliness within our ecosystem.

AI: Elevating User Experience with ParaX-GPT

Web3's growth is impressive but complex, posing a challenge in engaging non-technical users. ParaX-GPT is our solution, focused on user intent.

Intent-Based Interaction

ParaX-GPT simplifies Web3 by offering intent-based interaction, shielding users from technical details. It translates complex user intentions into manageable subtasks.

The Power of ParaX-GPT

This system uses a real-time knowledge base for contextual support, ensuring users can articulate their goals with ease. It efficiently coordinates task execution by scheduling suitable agents.

A Bright Future for Web3 Interaction

ParaX-GPT's AI automation for user intent enhances the user experience in Web3. It empowers users from all backgrounds to participate in this revolutionary ecosystem.

Join Us in Improving Web3

ParaX is committed to reshaping the Web3 landscape, making it inclusive and user-centric. With ParaX-GPT as our guide, we aim to bridge the gap between blockchain complexities and everyday users.

ParaX is more than a project; it's a movement to make Web3 revolutionary for everyone. Join us in this exciting journey to unlock the potential of blockchain technology on a global scale.

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About Yubo Ruan:

Yubo Ruan is a notable figure in the tech and investment industry, with 13 significant science and technology invention awards and 5 patents to his credit. During his high school years, he founded Alisimba, an educational platform focused on children's financial education, which was later acquired by the Tophacker Group. Yubo also co-founded Skylight Investment, securing $10 million in funding and specializing in Deep Tech startups. In 2017, he initiated the establishment of 8 Decimal Capital, a blockchain and DeFi investment firm with a portfolio of 40+ companies and $60 million AUM. Additionally, he launched Parallel Finance in 2022, backed by Sequoia, Founders Fund, and Coinbase Ventures. Yubo's educational journey encompasses studies in computer science, finance, and economics, including his time as a Stanford dropout. His latest project, Parallel Finance, boasts an impressive $130 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).

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