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Profx Awards - Dubai 2024 Celebrates Transparent and Ethical Forex Awards in Forex Industry

Tue, 18/06/2024 - 13:47
Profx Awards - Dubai 2024 Celebrates Transparent and Ethical Forex Awards in Forex Industry
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The PROFX Awards - Dubai 2024 event is a premier gathering dedicated to honoring excellence in the forex industry. Held on May 31, 2024, at the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel in Dubai, this prestigious event celebrated the achievements of top professionals and organizations committed to transparency and ethical practices in forex trading.


Event Highlights:

Venue: Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, an iconic floating hotel docked at Port Rashid, provided a luxurious and historic backdrop for this distinguished event. Renowned for its elegance and sophistication, the venue added a touch of grandeur to the evening's celebrations.

Tagline: Transparent and Ethical Forex Awards

The PROFX Awards - Dubai 2024 emphasize the importance of transparency and ethics in the forex industry. The awards aim to set a benchmark for integrity and professionalism, encouraging industry players to adopt best practices and uphold the highest standards.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Sponsors of the PROFX Awards 2024:

Official Sponsor: JKV Global

Title Sponsor: Zara FX

Co-Sponsors: Profit FX Markets

Co-Sponsors : GGCC FX

Event Sponsor: Bridging FX Limited

The evening commenced with a glamorous red carpet reception, where industry leaders and nominees gathered to celebrate their collective achievements. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous gala dinner, fostering networking and collaboration among forex professionals.

Awards Ceremony:

The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, where winners across various categories were announced. Each winner was recognized for their exceptional contributions to the forex market, with achievements ranging from innovative trading solutions to outstanding customer service.

Award Categories and Winners:

Best Forex Broker of the Year 2024 

Recipient :  JKV Global

Website :

Achievement : JKV Global was honored as the top forex broker of the year for its exceptional services, innovative trading platforms, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Best IB Broker of the Year 2024 

Recipient : Zara FX

Website :

Achievement : Zara FX was celebrated for its excellent Introducing Broker (IB) programs, offering attractive incentives and comprehensive support to partners.

Best Affiliate Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : StarTrader

Website :

Achievement: StarTrader excelled in creating profitable affiliate programs, enabling partners to maximize their earning potential through effective marketing strategies.

Outstanding Forex Broker of the Year 2024

Recipient : Scope Markets

Website :

Achievement : Scope Markets recognized by traders for exceptional performance and excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction across various aspects of its operations. 

Best Fintech Provider of the Year 2024 

Recipient : Bridging FX

Website :

Achievement: Bridging FX was honored for its innovative fintech solutions, providing cutting-edge technologies that enhance trading experiences and efficiency.


Best Licensing & Regulatory Provider of the Year 2024 

Recipient : Anjouan Corporate Services

Website :

Achievement: Anjouan Corporate Services excelled in offering reliable licensing and regulatory services, ensuring compliance and smooth operations for brokers.

Trader's Choice Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : Ya Markets

website :

Achievement: Ya Markets was recognized by traders for its outstanding services, competitive spreads, and excellent trading conditions.

Best Liquidity Provider of the Year 2024 

Recipient : GTC PRIME

Website :

Achievement: GTC PRIME was recognized for its superior liquidity provision, ensuring optimal trading conditions and fast execution for brokers and traders.

Best Bullion Trading Broker 2024 

Recipient : GGCC FX

website :

Achievement: GGCC FX was honored for its exceptional bullion trading services, offering clients secure and efficient platforms for trading precious metals.

Best Retail Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : PrimeX

Website :

Achievement: PrimeX stood out as the preferred choice for retail forex traders, providing user-friendly platforms, competitive spreads, and excellent customer support.

Best Emerging Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : FX KEY

Website :

Achievement: FX KEY has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation within the forex industry, distinguishing itself as a leading emerging broker. Their customer-centric solutions, advanced trading platforms, and comprehensive educational resources have rapidly built a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Trader's Choice PropFirm Broker 2024 

Recipient :  Trade Forex Funds

Website :

Achievement: Trade Forex Funds has been recognized for its exceptional support and resources tailored for traders, offering robust funding programs that empower traders to achieve their full potential.

Best Forex Copy Trading Broker 2024 

Recipient : Rox Capitals

Website :

Achievement: Rox Capitals excelled in providing top-notch copy trading services, enabling traders to replicate successful strategies and achieve consistent results in the forex market.

Best Automated Trading Broker 2024 

Recipient : Pips Forex

Website :

Achievement: Pips Forex stood out for its advanced automated trading solutions, offering innovative tools and technologies that enhance trading efficiency and profitability.

Best No Commission Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : Pix Capital

Website :

Achievement: Pix Capital was honored for providing a trading environment with zero commission fees, ensuring cost-effective trading opportunities for clients.

Best ECN/STP Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : Carlton FX

Website :

Achievement: Carlton FX was celebrated for its superior ECN/STP trading model, offering clients direct market access with tight spreads and fast execution.

Emerging Bullion Trading Broker 2024 

Recipient : CMV Capitals

Website :

Achievement: CMV Capitals has quickly emerged as a prominent player in bullion trading, offering comprehensive services and reliable platforms for trading precious metals.

Best Partnership Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient :  ICM

Website :

Achievement: ICM was recognized for its outstanding partnership programs, fostering strong collaborations that drive mutual growth and success.

Best Educational Forex Broker 2024 

Recipient : Profit FX Markets

Website :

Achievement: Profit FX Markets has been a leader in forex education, providing extensive resources and training programs to help traders develop their skills and knowledge.

Best Multi Assets Trading Broker 2024 

Recipient : Miles Capital

Website :

Achievement: Miles Capital was recognized for its versatile trading services, offering a wide range of assets and comprehensive trading solutions.

Best B2B Turnkey Solution Provider 2024 


Website :

Achievement: FX BROKER STARTUP excelled in delivering turnkey solutions for brokers, providing end-to-end services that enable seamless business operations.

Best Forex Academy of the Year 2024 

Recipient : Delta International

Website :

Achievement: Delta International has been a pioneer in forex education, offering cutting-edge training programs and resources that empower traders worldwide.

Best PropFirm Broker of the Year 2024

Recipient : Forexer

Website :

Achievement: Forexer was celebrated for its exceptional prop trading services, offering traders comprehensive support and opportunities to trade with proprietary funds.

Most Trusted Forex Broker of the Year 2024

Recipient :  StarTrader

Website :

Achievement: StarTrader earned the trust of traders through its transparent practices, reliable services, and strong client relationships.

Best Forex Broker - MENA 2024 

Recipient : HF MARKETS (DIFC) Limited

Website :

Achievement: HF MARKETS (DIFC) Limited excelled in serving the MENA region, providing tailored solutions and outstanding support to clients in the area.

Best Forex Broker - Asia 2024 

Recipient : FX SmartBull

Website :

Achievement: FX SmartBull was celebrated for its exceptional services in the Asian market, offering competitive spreads, advanced platforms, and excellent customer support.

Significance of the Awards:

The PROFX Awards - Dubai 2024 are instrumental in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of forex brokers and associated companies. By acknowledging those who demonstrate excellence and uphold ethical standards, the awards inspire others in the industry to strive for similar achievements, fostering a culture of integrity and innovation.


The PROFX Awards - Dubai 2024 was a resounding success, bringing together the best in the forex industry to celebrate their contributions and set new benchmarks for excellence. The event not only honored outstanding achievements but also emphasized the importance of transparency and ethical practices, paving the way for a more responsible and sustainable future in forex trading.

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