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Ethereum TPS to Spike Following Starknet Major Upgrade Quantum Leap

Wed, 07/12/2023 - 16:40
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Vladislav Sopov
Starknet, one of most eccentric next-gen Ethereum L2 scaling instruments, starts activation of its hotly anticipated upgrade
Ethereum TPS to Spike Following Starknet Major Upgrade Quantum Leap
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With a radical upgrade of its codebase, Starknet can now process transactions faster and cheaper than ever before. More phases of the current upgrade are set to be activated in the coming weeks.

Starknet starts Quantum Leap activation; Why is this important?

Hotly anticipated network upgrade Quantum Leap is live on Starknet's main network. Its v0.12.0 upgrade is set to bring a complete rewrite of how Starknet processes transactions.

Starknet Sequencer, an element of its ecosystem responsible for broadcasting compressed transaction data to Ethereum (ETH) mainnet, is now written in Rust.

Also, the upgrade features two essential components: new virtual machine Cairo VM developed by LambdaClass, which executes Cairo code and the Blockifier mechanism by StarkWare, which assembles new blocks.

It replaces "Pending" transaction status with "Included in L2," which is equal to a transaction finalization message. With this feature, the transaction throughput of Ethereum (ETH) will spike to triple-digit values, the team says.

The next phases of the upgrade β€” starting from v0.13.0 β€” are set to introduce reduced gas fees, launch a fee market and lower block intervals further.

Ethereum (ETH) transaction finalized in 15 seconds, researcher says

Also, the network will have better spam-resistance, as failed transactions will be subject to charges: no failed transaction will pay gas fees any longer.

In its current phase, the network has already achieved a stable 37 TPS benchmark. Cryptocurrency educator The DeFi Saint shared his own results of post-Quantum Leap Starknet testing.

According to The DeFi Saint, he managed to have his Ethereum (ETH) transactions finalized in just 15 seconds. In less than a minute, the balances of accounts participating changed, The DeFi Saint added.

Next Generation of L2 Solutions for Ethereum: Review

As covered by U.Today previously, Starknet is a new-gen L2 scaling protocol for Ethereum (ETH) launched by blockchain veteran Eli Ben-Sasson. Starknet leverages its own programming language, dubbed Cairo.

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