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Cardano (ADA) Founder Says He Gets Confused for Vitalik Buterin, Here’s Why

Sat, 06/24/2023 - 08:00
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Yuri Molchan
Charles Hoskinson has debunked rumor thanks to which he gets confused for Vitalik Buterin
Cardano (ADA) Founder Says He Gets Confused for Vitalik Buterin, Here’s Why
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Founder of IOG — the team behind the Cardano blockchain — Charles Hoskinson has taken to Twitter to refute a rumor that has been circulating the crypto Twitter. According to Hoskinson, people emerge from time to time who claim that he used to work for Ripple Labs.

"You're confusing me for Vitalik"

Hoskinson stated that some people on Twitter claim that he used to work for Ripple in its early days as an intern. The Cardano founder debunked that rumor, saying that he had never worked for Ripple Labs in any capacity, adding that they are likely confusing him for another crypto billionaire Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-creator. In 2013, he presumably was an intern at Ripple (or tried to be one, according to his tweet published in 2019).

Curiously enough, both Buterin and Hoskinson took part in creating the Ethereum blockchain, but Hoskinson left at early stages of the project to put his own vision of a blockchain to life.

He then founded Input Output Global (IOHK), which created the Cardano chain and then, after moving the headquarters from HK to the U.S., Wyoming, changed the name from IOHK to Input Output Global (IOG).

Cardano Creator Responds to Allegations He Spends Others' Money

Cardano founder fights his way through haters

Charles Hoskinson has been fighting off Cardano critics and haters who have been posting personal attacks at him on Twitter. Mainly, people have been taking jabs at the Cardano founder over the past few weeks due to his expedition to "look for aliens" in the Pacific Ocean — an interstellar object which is believed to be a meteor that fell to the Earth and remained whole.

Besides, he seems to have been also involved in the search for the submarine which dived into the site where Titanic sank a hundred years ago. The submarine lost contact with the outside world and sank too. The few people it carried are believed to be long dead by now, Hoskinson confirmed it in a recent tweet.

One of the critics, in connection with Hoskinson's "search for aliens," accused the mathematician of "spending other people's money," which Hoskinson refuted, saying "somehow the money I own is theirs? What kind of weirdo communist land is this?"

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