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Charles Hoskinson Slams ADA Critics Who Say He Is 'Looking for Aliens'

Tue, 06/20/2023 - 09:51
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Yuri Molchan
IOG founder responded to critic who stated that Hoskinson's 'search for aliens' is harming Cardano and ADA development
Charles Hoskinson Slams ADA Critics Who Say He Is 'Looking for Aliens'
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Mathematician, billionaire and co-founder of Ethereum, who later went on to create IOG and Cardano, Charles Holkinson, is a renaissance man with a wide range of interests.

Aside from blockchain and crypto and all that is related to it, he runs a restaurant (where ADA is accepted) and an anti-aging hospital (again, where ADA payments have been added).

Now, Hoskinson is part of an expedition to the ocean in search of an interstellar meteor, but he is being criticized for that by haters who claim that this is harming Cardano and ADA deployment.

In a recent tweet, Hoskinson struck back at one of them.

Cardano founder hints that his hobbies are not harming ADA

Twitter user @CryptoJuncky commented on Hoskinson's recent tweet about his expedition to search for "the first interstellar meteor," where a link to a diary on Medium was published.

The user wrote that while Polkadot is "building stuff and evolving, Charles Hoskinson is looking for aliens." He then added: "That's why I'd rather invest in DOT than in ADA."

Hoskinson's response to that was a laconic one; he wrote, "The stupidity of Twitter never ceases to amaze me."

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Here's what happened with "search for aliens"

On June 17, Hoskinson took to Twitter to comment on an article about Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb's find in the Pacific Ocean; it was "an anomalous wire in the area he thinks an alien spacecraft might have crashed," according to the tweet. The article was, in fact, about an interstellar object crashing in the ocean.

The wire was eight millimeters long and curved twice with a rigid structure. Hoskinson then commented on that tweet, writing, "Wire and some aluminum. Plenty of ground to cover and we haven't even broken out the sluice sled yet."

It was followed by a headline in a small media outlet saying that Cardano founder went on an expedition to the ocean "in search of an alien technology." Hoskinson commented that he had definitely not expected a headline like that.

Since then, the Cardano founder has been publishing photos from his ocean expedition and links to the diary of how it has been going posted on Medium.

Cardano continues to release updates

In the meantime, Cardano's development has not been halted. Hoskinson recently tweeted that Cardano Node 8.1.1 has been released and Lace extension 1.2.0 has been sent to production.

Overall, as reported by U.Today earlier, Cardano is now behaving like Ethereum did in 2020, when the scale of Bitcoin's dominance changed. The second largest blockchain took that chance to improve its position in the market. Now, over the past 25 months, BTC dominance has risen only 10% (from 39% to 49%). It seems that this indicates a major shift in the crypto space, showing that a shift toward the dominance of multi-chain platforms is forming.

ADA is currently following a similar price pattern as ETH did in 2020.

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