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    📱📈Meet BuySellHodl – a crypto app that provides live cryptocurrency price predictions, rankings, ratings and news to update readers on crypto market trends. This is a great trading tool for over 100 mln beginning and experienced users: they enjoy real-time altcoin and Bitcoin price predictions, games, insight into historical data and trends, and so much more

BuySellHodl – Fresh cryptocurrency data at your fingertips
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In order to reap maximum profit and benefits from crypto trading, we need fresh relevant information. The vast majority of crypto ratings and price predictions get outdated quickly, and getting hot-off-the-press information is a challenge.

BuySellHodl, the new cryptocurrency app, provides live Bitcoin price predictions, ratings and rankings for users to keep tabs on crypto assets. Offering crypto price predictions and ratings for top cryptocurrencies, it serves as a trading tool for both beginners and experts. The information can be accessed both via the website, or iPhone and Android cryptocurrency apps.

Crypto price predictions on BuySellHodl
BuySellHodl offers real-time predictions based on user surveys

Features of BuySellHodl

BuySellHodl application boasts the following salient features:

  • It has an innovative approach to price predictions providing live short-term and long-term forecasts, crypto ratings, and rankings. Price targets are updated hourly.

  • Statistics about top coin picks. At the moment, BuySellHodl works with 18 cryptocurrencies.

BuySellHodl works with 18 coins
BuySellHodl shows detailed statistics about 18 coins
  • Crypto trading game for mastering trading skills for the vast majority of popular coins.

  • Daily live Bitcoin game where you can win real cash.

  • Rating trend for tracking users’ forecasts.

How does it work?

How does the price prediction on BuySellHodl work? Where do they get relevant information? The website regularly organizes queries among users to provide readers with fresh, up-to-date price forecasts and rankings. Collected quantitative data is processed by the proprietary algorithm that generates metrics then. The calculations are made according to Lerner index by splitting a percentage of Hodl ratings evenly between the Buy and Sell and ratings, and then dividing those numbers. Live buy/sell/hodl user opinions are shown to express what they think about trading perspectives.

With up-to-date predictions at their fingertips, a user is able to make wiser trading decisions and multiply his crypto riches

This approach allows for making rankings unbiased and qualitative ratings that will help readers to evaluate trading possibilities, keep tabs on crypto market trends and make informed decisions to reap maximum profits. Each coin tab presents the freshest price prediction surveys, trends, and other relevant data.

BuySellHodl mobile app interface
BuySellHodl app is the easiest way to get relevant crypto data


Aside from real-time price predictions, you can also check out the historical analysis for every coin. Trace the way crypto community changed its opinion, corrected ratings and sparked trends on the crypto market.

Get objective opinion about crypto prices

Most traders prefer to get information quickly on the go: they don’t have enough time to read numerous articles and analyze tons of data. With BuySellHodl, the statistics about crypto price predictions is present in the form of numbers and percents:

Detailed statistics and nothing extra
BuySellHodl shows numbers and percents to help traders make decisions


You can clearly see market trends and what the majority thinks about cryptocurrencies, and which trading strategies they stick to. That helps to make a smart investment and reap maximum benefits from your investment fund.

If you have a rich cryptocurrency portfolio and tend to alternate between investments, BuySellHodl will help you understand which cryptocurrency is more likely to provide you with profit, and what to buy in the nearest time.

Top-3 cryptocurrencies to buy
BuySellHodl generates ratings of the most wanted crypto assets

What else?

Aside from statistics and ratings, BuySellHodl has a news section where you can read about the latest Bitcoin price predictions and other altcoin price forecasts, market analysis, press releases and so on. The website helps users to stay in the know about what’s happening in the crypto industry, and what to expect from the market leaders.

Key advantages of BuySellHodl

So, why registering in BuySellHodl is a must for traders?

  1. It provides real-time crypto price predictions, rankings, ratings, trends, and a lot of other useful information about the top cryptocurrencies and market overall.

  2. Live daily Bitcoin game allows winning money, not to mention it’s fun and helps you to boost your trading skills.

  3. Aside from basic information about cryptocurrencies provided on the coin tabs, you can also read crypto news, discover crypto market trends, and so much more.

  4. Clean, user-friendly interface and easy navigation make BuySellHodl perfect for both advanced traders and novices.

  5. A user is free to share their opinion and contribute to the formation of crypto market trends. On BuySellHodl, the majority decides on crypto coin ratings and predictions by casting votes.

Users decide upon trading opportunities for each coin
In BuySellHodl, users create statistics by sharing their opinion
  1. You can keep track on crypto price predictions on the go: BuySellHodl has a convenient iPhone and Android cryptocurrency app with the same functionality and intuitive UI.

BuySellHodl is the only website with real-time user-generated crypto price predictions, long-term Bitcoin price forecasts, coin rankings, and ratings for cryptocurrencies and the overall market. It also gives an insight into historical data of coins’ values. Providing the new approach to crypto coin predictions, it gives users access to unbiased information and the possibility to participate in crypto market trend formation.

Disclaimer: BuySellHodl is made to express the opinion of users. Published ratings/predictions/rankings are not investment advice – they are provided for informational purposes only. The data does not necessarily reflect the opinion of BuySellHodl. Every investment and trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.

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Binance Coin Price Surge Indicates Huge Support for Binance Chain Mainnet — Is This the Future?

Binance Coin Price Surge Indicates Huge Support for Binance Chain Mainnet — Is This the Future?
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On a day where the markets are predominantly in the red, but only slightly, it is interesting to note that Binance Coin is surging. The exchange token is up fiver percent, but it is totally understandable as to why there is so much positivity around the company.

The biggests news, which comes off the back of its decentralized platform, Binance DEX, is that the Binance Chain mainnet has been launched and that they will be executing their Mainnet Swap on April 23rd.

This means that Binance Coin will be shifting away from Ethereum, leaving questions open as to what this means for Ethereum, which has been under the pump to stay relevant in today’s crypto and blockchain space. This move will result in a migration of $3 billion worth of BNB being moved away from the Ethereum blockchain and onto the new Binance chain.

A positive investment

All the good news emanating out of Binance has not only helped the coin to climb in price when the rest of the market settles down – it is helping it head towards a new all time high. Binance, like many altcoins, reached its ATH in January of 2018 in that parabolic stage.

Binance Coin hit $24 back then, and now, it is at $21 and rising with the thoughts being that when the mainnet move takes place, there could well be an even bigger surge. It is also interesting to note that just a few months ago, at the end of last year, it hit lows of $4.50.

Competing with Ethereum?

The mainnet move is obviously good news for Binance, as the markets are suggesting, but is it equally bad news for Ethereum, which was the holder of $3 billion thanks to the exchange. Many people have speculated that this new blockchain platform will pose competition to Ethereum, but ultimately it will help diversify Binance Coin’s use cases while also increasing its utility.

So perhaps rather than being a direct competition to ETH, it is only going to strengthen Binance Coin and in doing so perhaps spell out the future of cryptocurrencies as there is good reason to believe that this token, with its added utility and use cases, will be a viable token for the world going forward.

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