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Vision Public Chain — The Backbone of Metaverse

Thu, 05/26/2022 - 07:33
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Let's take a look at the impact the Vision public chain will have on the whole metaverse ecology
Vision Public Chain — The Backbone of Metaverse
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The blockchain industry has achieved remarkable development in recent years, and new technological innovations are gradually changing the global financial system. As the overall scale of cryptocurrencies expands, crypto assets are being accepted by more and more institutions and users, and traditional capital has been involved into the cryptocurrency market. The overall ecological market capitalization of the metaverse concept is growing exponentially, attracting many financial users, including Wall Street investors.

The metaverse contains the results of the information revolution, the Internet revolution, the artificial intelligence revolution, the virtual reality technology revolution, and especially the game engine. It shows the possibility of building a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world. It has triggered the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life science, changed the scientific paradigm, promoted the breakthrough of traditional philosophy, sociology and even human science system, encompassed all digital technologies, enriched the digital economy transformation model, and integrated digital financial achievements, such as DeFi, IPFS, and NFT etc.

And along with the development of metaverse and crypto technology, many pain points of the traditional gaming industry have been solved. Correspondingly, the metaverse game ecology is rising, with more and more application projects in vertical fields such as game distribution, game incubation, game development and game asset circulation. They work together to promote the steady development of the metaverse crypto game ecology. As the entrance to the development of the metaverse, the crypto game is a necessary path for the development of the metaverse world.

In the long run, the metaverse eventually gives birth to a new social relationship of online and offline integration, so the development of the crypto game becomes very important. However, the crypto game is in the initial stage, and it is difficult for R&D and technical teams to quickly get to the bottom layer of the crypto game. Because they do not understand the decentralized economic model of blockchain and have no blockchain technology reserve. Ultimately, the overwhelming majority of teams are engaged in only a certain metaverse application scenario, without exploring the most important metaverse public chain technology. The public chain technology reserve is the most important factor in its development. Therefore, the project teams are focusing on the building of metaverse. Vision is the first metaverse infrastructure provider and a metaverse ecological project focusing on database and cloud services. It has been building the metaverse public chain technology.

Vision is a decentralized blockchain public network implemented based on Vision consensus protocol, the core part of Vision ecology. Vision team pays much attention to public chain technology development, and there are already more than 40 technical developers in the team. Vision public chain runs in a decentralized network environment. The creation and storage of data do not depend on specific organizations or individual wills, and the data on the chain is guaranteed to be tamper-proof through cryptography technology. Therefore, Vision public chain is considered to be one of the most secure public chain systems at present. And based on the good architecture design and programming skills, the operation efficiency and stability of the Vision public chain are among the best. As a new metaverse public chain system, the Vision public chain takes into account the needs of traditional financial attributes and provides users with extremely high TPS.

At the same time, the Vision public chain protocol adopts low security assumptions in its design. That protocol design takes more attack possibilities into account and provides stronger security for depth-level applications. In the underlying optimization, different solutions are adopted according to different application types. From the design to optimization of the underlying code, Vision public chain achieves both the security and anonymity of decentralized transactions and meets the high-frequency transaction needs of different transaction scenarios. They enable a series of interconnected virtual worlds to interact. Vision public chain has completely independent intellectual property rights. In an era of data monopoly, data barriers and other drawbacks restricting the development of Web2.0, the underlying technology of the Vision public chain will support the meta-universe and Web3.0 platform. The capacity of AR, VR, artificial intelligence and other related digital information industries will be utilized, and the underlying technology support for the digital economy will be provided. The Vision public chain supports the creation of large-scale digital applications, and the integration of blockchain mechanisms. It also supports the necessary components for the assetization, management and circulation of digital content, and provides assistance for metaverse application developers to develop a crypto game ecosystem.

The value prospect of the Vision public chain project is gradually unfolding. The Vision public chain project is resilient and is a dark horse in the bear market. Because it pays much attention to the ecological development of game engines and has already made achievements in the field of game engine stake. In the past, more attention was paid to game engines by industrial capital. Venture capital funds, government, leading enterprises in various fields and even ordinary investors are interested in it now. And game engine is highly expected as the basic production tool and production platform in the metaverse era. In the era of the metaverse, the one who gets the game engine gets the world. According to the sources, both venture capital funds and general financial investors have been investing in Vision public chain projects and their ecology recently.

The Vision public chain team believes that game engines are also a necessary option for production tools in the metaverse ecology and is the convergence point between metaverse industries. The game engine is the most fundamental technology in the game industry. It is important in the metaverse ecosystem because it is the foundation for building 3D interactive real-time rendering virtual worlds and the cornerstone of virtual worlds and metaverse. With the metaverse game engine, it is possible to recreate the assisted reality world and virtual people in the virtual world. Blockchain technology, as an emerging technology technology, provides the most basic technical support and data support for the incoming global metaverse ecology. Without the support of blockchain's massive untamperable data, metaverse cannot realize its technical dream. And Vision public chain is building the most basic metaverse public chain.

It can be expected that the market for Vision public chain eco-tokens will continue to boost, and the metaverse application frenzy on Vision public chain will rise simultaneously. Let's wait and see the impact of the Vision public chain on the whole metaverse ecology.

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