Venezuela is a country in South America that hosts Bitcoin mining operations and plans the creation of its own cryptocurrency “petro” backed by natural reserves such as oil and gas.

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LocalBitcoins Trading Volume Increases Exponentially in Venezuela as Political Crisis Escalates

After Venezuela and the whole world said a firm ‘no’ to Maduro’s Petro cryptocurrency, the popularity of Bitcoin continues to rise
Stavros GeorgiadisStavros Georgiadis

Petro Investment – Is It the End of the Venezuelan Cryptocurrency?

Venezuela has defaulted on two of its US dollar-denominated sovereign bonds issued back in 2017-2018
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Dash Community Accuses Project’s Merchant Team in Venezuela of Embezzlement, Raising Doubts in Further Operations

The team of Dash Merchant Venezuela is being heavily criticized by the global Dash community for providing false data in a report describing salary payouts
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KFC Restaurant Embraces Dash in Venezuela, More Latin American Countries to Follow

After courting with Bitcoin, the global fast food giant is now accepting Dash, joining thousands of Venezuelan merchants who already support the coin
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Petrochemicals for Petro: Venezuela Intends to Supply Oil to Russia for Crypto Only

As of 2019, the Venezuelan government plans to sell oil and petrochemicals only if Russia agrees to pay in Petro coin