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VEGA - The Brightest Opportunity in Crypto and NFTs

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 15:00
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VEGA is the first non-art NFT of its kind and belongs among the most unique products built on the Core Blockchain
VEGA - The Brightest Opportunity in Crypto and NFTs
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VEGA arrives as a pioneer in the series of NFT products dubbed the Starburst NFTs from Core. While it might have been flying under your radar, it has been enjoying tremendous popularity in the past three months.

VEGA is the first non-art NFT of its kind and belongs among the most unique products built on the Core Blockchain.

Backed By 2 Digital Assets

The VEGA NFT is not like any of your regular non-fungible tokens, it consists of two digital assets built on the Core Blockchain. Core Blockchain is starting to be recognized as Ethereum’s biggest competition as a result of its wide range of possibilities when building Dapps on a fully decentralized network, as well as smart contracts, etc. Core Blockchain is based on PoDE, a next-generation PoW that only uses 10W/h on average.

  1. Core Coin (XCB)

The first digital asset is an ever-growing one, providing constant growth of Core Coins staked for a year in a locked pool. The Core Coin (XCB) has a self-sustainable demand, as it is used throughout the entire Core Ecosystem and has a limited supply of only 18-22.4 million Core Coins minable each year, 5 coins per block every 7 seconds with 6 blocks required for a verified transaction. 

VEGA HODL POOL has currently been running for more than 3 months and all the mined rewards can be found on the official Core Blockchain explorer.

Image by Core Blockchain

The sooner you get involved in owning a VEGA NFT, the higher the reward.

  1. Core Token (CTN)

The second digital asset backing the VEGA NFT is Core Token (CTN), with a limited supply of only 1 Billion. Core Token is a utility token that is used as the means of payment for all services within the application-rich Core Ecosystem. Included in the VEGA NFT are 2500 CTNs that are also staked for a year and with the demand and limited supply of the token itself in the various use cases, in which the token is deployed, the demand is guaranteed.

Not only do these two digital assets back the VEGA NFT physically, but with its supply and demand already established, the market price of the two underlying digital assets becomes another form of value creation backing the VEGA NFT.

After the one-year staking period, the VEGA NFT will be unbundled, and all CTNs and Mined XCBs will be sent to the owner’s wallet.

To find out how exactly VEGA works, watch the video below:


The current price of the VEGA NFT is set at €650, out of which €500 makes up for the number of Core Tokens, and €150 for the hash power (750h/s) needed for XCB mining over the 1 year period.

Given the current amount of increased value added in Core Coins that have already been mined, the real value of the VEGA NFT has grown by a whopping 24% bringing the value of the VEGA NFT to €812.50. 

Call it what you want… New Year Sale, even FOMO! Facts are facts and this will be the last chance to get the lucrative VEGA NFT at this price.” 

— Ockert Loubser CEO

Roadmap of Price Increase

VEGA is keeping the sale with the current price of €650 open till the 15th of January 2023. After this date, the price will increase to €812.50 and will continue to increase every month related to the amount of Core Coins mined, the price of Core Coins, and the price of Core Tokens.

If you wish to know even more about why VEGA is the most unique digital asset on the market, check out the latest video from Core’s Leaders:

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VEGA NFT is available on now.

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