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SwissOne Capital Opens Crypto Assets Managing Fund

Fri, 11/02/2018 - 13:46
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Antony Koroid
A veteran of the fintech world, SwissOne Capital AG, attempts to join the Blockchain solutions market
SwissOne Capital Opens Crypto Assets Managing Fund
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SwissOne Capital AG announced its plans to introduce a series of crypto assets management funds. The company with many years of experience in traditional finances and crypto expertise is in its first-time attempt to join the Blockchain solutions market.

It is expected that their flagship fund, the Smart Index Crypto Fund, will be launched later this year. Investments into the fund will be made through traditional channels.

Innovation fund

The Smart Index Crypto Fund aims to innovate in the way traders enter the market. Many crypto companies are waiting for the legendary ‘institutional’ crowd, and SwissOne has extensive experience in dealing with this prestigious audience.

“The reason we aren’t seeing institutional participation has little to do with the assets themselves but the environment surrounding them. Crypto has unprecedentedly favorable qualities for diversification; they’re almost entirely uncorrelated to other assets, and there’s fantastic performance potential. But professionals want a professional approach, that means regulation, elegant simplicity, and stringent security,” explains one of the SwissOne founders Hugo Van Veen.

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“Given crypto’s growth capability, a one percent allocation in crypto can boost overall performance with minimal risk to an S&P diversified portfolio. Crypto is simply sensible in traditional allocation methodology,” said Chief Executive Officer of SwissOne Anthony Turner.

SwissOne claims crypto to be a specific assets class with a number of obstacles in the way to its proliferation. Their promising index fund will offer an algorithmically curated selection of crypto. In Switzerland, the fund will have the largest exposure of all available funds in the hope that the high performance of the ‘winners’ will compensate for the loss of adverse assets.


All of SwissOne assets will be stored in cold storage, in stand-alone hardware modules. In general, their protective measures are equivalent to the ones of a safest bank. As for the protection measures, every fund by SwissOne capital will be fully compliant and managed by a supervisory agency. The company is now waiting for the final approval of the FINMA.

“We want to give clients a chance to capitalize on innovation, without the headaches involved in a young asset class,” Turner noted.

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Within this activity, SwissOne will also launch a token equity participation providing the investors with a possibility of a purposeful influence on the market. Token holders will also receive a share in SwissOne Capital’s revenue.

Infrastructure is more important than the product

In this way, the Swiss key point is similar to that of those shrewd tycoons of the Gold Rush era. Those who invested in tools and materials, power market, pickaxes, carts, shovels, etc. generally fared better than those who were looking for gold.

Frequently, ownership of the infrastructure market is more consistent, but for investors entering into the assets management business with SwissOne Capital’s equity token, it can also be more profitable. Currently, in traditional markets, mutual funds manage 40 percent of assets. In the crypto area, funds manage a trivial one percent, which means we can expect, with the asset class’s inherent maturity, the crypto fund industry will explode.

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Switzerland is the number one searched country for “crypto fund” on Google. Located there SwissOne offers the most convincing approach, team, and infrastructure in the country. Thus, the prospect for the owners of the company’s tokens seems to be exceptional.

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