Intel Develops Blockchain Product for Ensuring Data Security

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 18:40
Yuri Molchan
iExec startup releases Intel-powered solution for secure cloud computing
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On Thursday, Lyon-based DLT marketplace for computing power iExec presented its end-to-end trusted execution environment. As per the developers, the new product is the first scalable corporate solution to ensure security in DLT-based computing powered by Intel SGX.

Intel meets Blockchain

Intel SGX stands for Software Guard Extensions. This is a wide-spread architecture extension made back in 2015. The purpose of its launch was to improve the level of security for application code and the data in it.

The Intel website describes the SGX technology as a solution that allows protection to work by means of “enclaves,” separate pieces of memory integrated into the CPU. These regions of memory secure data from the processes that are running at any privilege level, as well as in the operating system of the computer.


iExec from inside

In its blog, iExec describes enclaves as paradigm-shifting instruments in the sphere of cloud computing. They are a safety measure that protects an app from a host machine by isolating one from another.

Thus, the app will be inaccessible to interfere with even for a root privilege administrator, claims the iExec press release.

iExec developers shared on the blog that apart from DLT, Intel SGX is a crucial component for making a decentralized cloud infrastructure like their marketplace.

dApps and Proof-of-Contribution

The startup made this product in cooperation with a German software developer Scontain UG, and it promises that even though the operations made through dApps are going to be verified by decentralized nodes, only the end users will have access to them.

Also, the iExec claims that the new Intel-based solution allows app creators to utilize computing power that is scalable, affordable and secure. All operations between sellers and buyers will be checked and verified by means of the Proof-of-Contribution protocol.

The iExec marketplace was presented at the Devcon4 conference.

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