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South Africa

In this region, people are eager to introduce and use cryptocurrency, though different countries ban Bitcoin and crypto exchanges.

Vladislav SopovVladislav Sopov

Twitter's CEO to Support Bitcoin in Africa

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter, is attending Bitcoin meetups in Sub-Saharan Africa to discuss the adoption of Bitcoin payments in Ghana and Nigeria.
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

South Africa Goes After Bitcoin Owners

The SARB does admit that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could become illegal in the country, but there’s no need to worry about that (for now)
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

GPU Prices Plummeting in South Africa in Synch with Bitcoin

GPU sales have been resoundingly tanking since the whole crypto market went downhill, and it took a toll on the prices of graphics cards
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Africa’s Digital Asset Market Grows Despite Regulation Barriers

Since Africa intends to turn into a major crypto hub, the number of exchanges is growing in spite of the government’s regulations
Darryn PollockDarryn Pollock

Africa’s Blockchain Potential Limitless But Its Implementation the True Struggle

Africa has long been heralded as a gateway for Blockchain technology with all its potential, but the implementation is particularly difficult