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The Rise of Meme Poodles: A New Dog Trend in the Crypto Scene?

Wed, 10/07/2024 - 7:30
The Rise of Meme Poodles: A New Dog Trend in the Crypto Scene?
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Poodles, Asia’s most sophisticated and sought-after status symbol, are making their much-awaited debut on Solana. Poodlana—the pinnacle of fashion, style, and elegance in the canine world—is taking over the meme coin world after massive interest in some of the largest crypto markets. China, Japan, and Korea are home to the world’s most trendy degens, and guess what? They’re expected to buy heavily into Poodlana.


Asian markets are trendsetters, and when potential blue-chip meme coins like Poodlana come along, you can expect enormous interest and subsequent liquidity. Your task is to get in on the action while the Asian jet-setting elites are gobbling up the limited POODL presale token supply before it hits exchanges worldwide. 

Remember the glory days of 2021’s NFT Summer when every celebrity bought and shilled Bored Apes as status symbols? Those days are long gone—but this is the next 500x opportunity.

Poodlana presale kicks off Crypto Fashion Month

Crypto Fashion Month is kicking off with the launch of Poodlana, a supremely chic meme coin. The 30-day exclusive presale will see 500 million POODL tokens available on the Solana blockchain, with prices starting at just $0.02. However, prospective investors looking to get in on the next big Asian trend will not have long to buy at these exclusive prices; token prices are set to rise every 72 hours, creating a sense of urgency and FOMO.

Unsold tokens from its presale allocation will be burned—a process where they are permanently removed from circulation—giving early adopters the utmost exclusivity and rewarding their loyalty by pumping prices. One of two things will happen for sure: either Poodlana sells out in record time and rides the catwalk to the top of the Solana meme coins, or early adopters become Poodlana whales and own a significant portion of the most fashionable meme coin of 2024.

Money talks. A significant reason why Poodlana is programmed for parabolic growth is because of superb tokenomics, including no vesting periods or lockups; this is a project without gimmicks. Once the presale ends, Poodlana is poised to hit the runway and go from 0 to 100 by listing on a decentralized exchange (DEX) an hour after the presale ends. Early trendsetters who get into Poodlana during its exclusive 30-day ICO will get their POODL tokens right before the heels hit the catwalk for the public debut. You snooze, you lose.

The must-have accessory for fashion-forward crypto fans

Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo are not only known for being cities that never sleep; they’re also the hottest markets for meme coins in 2024. The emergence of this exciting subset of the market is evidenced by meme coins like Biaoqing and the Chinese equivalent of Pepe—aptly called PeiPei—both recording approximately 7x for early investors by the end of June.

Asian markets are mad for meme coins. 80% of meme coin trading activity happens during Asian trading hours, with Korea-based traders taking the lion’s share of the action. Their love for poodles only matches the market’s quenchless thirst for high-octane meme coin action. Korean superstar Nam Joo-hyuk—with almost 20 million Instagram followers—owns two poodles, while popstar Taeyeon is a proud dog mom to her pet poo, Zero.

These are all bullish indicators for Poodlana, which is positioning itself as the Hermès of crypto, a use of branding that underscores its potential for high value and exclusivity. Once the Poodlana presale is in full swing, you can bet your bottom dollar that meme coin aficionados in trendsetting markets will be hunting for POODL just like the latest Hermès, Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton drops.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are so yesterday. Shiba Inus have had their day. If it is not a poodle, it is not cool—and there’s no fooling the status-conscious Asian buyers with tired, old, big-cap meme coins that have already pumped. There’s no playing fetch with these regal pooches.

Poodlana dressed to the nines among top meme coins of 2024

No other meme coin is as dressed to kill it in 2024 as the effortlessly chic and sophisticated Poodlana—and this glamorous meme coin is ready to dominate the Asian market first before the rest of the world follows suit. Now is your chance to get in on the most fashionable status symbol storming the expanding Asian crypto markets: Poodlana. 

With public trading scheduled 60 minutes after the end of the presale, and only 30 days to buy in at the best prices, now is the time to make history—and seismic returns. 

Poodlana's launch is set for July 17. There will be a 30-day presale, followed by a listing 60 minutes later. For more details and to join the excitement, visit the Poodlana website.

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