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inheritance Art Creates Holograms with Famous Fine Art Masterpieces

Thu, 23/12/2021 - 12:00
inheritance Art Creates Holograms with Famous Fine Art Masterpieces
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inheritance Art creates an instrument for those tired of punks, apes and axies. Here’s how this novel NFT platform can tokenize real masterpieces of fine art.

inheritance Art creates tokenized holograms with masterpieces

inheritance art
Image via inheritance Art

While the euphoria around non-fungible tokens is nowhere near an end, this sphere still lacks expertise and sophistication. Even on leading marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, the majority of collections represent copies of each other.

Instead of creating new masterpieces, NFT artists are tracking market trends and instantly creating primitive animal pictures or low-end fictional monsters. As a result, the price of this or that NFT is formed only by speculative factors, not by the underlying value of the picture.

Curated by Vincent Peters, inheritance Art project is designed to address these bottlenecks of the modern digital art segment. With a toolkit of novel digital art instruments, inheritance Art will create holograms of famous fine art masterpieces exhibited in top-tier museums. The hyper-realistic holograms will be created by the most talented artists in the segment.

All NFTs created by inheritance Art will be authorized and commissioned by their holders. Every hologram will be associated with its own two-dimensional non-fungible token.

What is special about inheritance Art?

This procedure will reconsider the modern NFT market, making it more sustainable and predictable. Buyers, creators and commissioners will benefit from this revolution together with NFT experts and traders.

Besides more stable prices of super-rare NFTs, inheritance Art will create a number of previously unexplored opportunities. Holders of the pictures will be able to send digital holograms instead of high-value pictures themselves.

The progress of inheritance Art is curated by its Chief Designer Vincent Peters, who is also well known as the leader of the Rex Mundi sports analytics dashboard.

Mr. Peters is a graduate of West Point. He also holds graduate certifications from MIT Sloan and Oxford as an expert in systems engineering. Previously, Mr. Peters worked in Elon Musk’s companies StartLink and SpaceX.

Prior to joining the blockchain-based art segment, Mr. Peters established a number of private galleries in Los Angeles, one of the great modern art centers worldwide.


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