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EOS Price Analysis- How Much Might EOS Cost in 2018-25?

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 15:30
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George Shnurenko
Finance-savvy investors started putting a heavy focus on EOS. Let’s find out what experts think about it.
EOS Price Analysis- How Much Might EOS Cost in 2018-25?
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EOS is becoming a popular currency among investors. Is it worth buying, and what’s EOS price prediction for the following years? Find out how much EOS coin may cost in 2018, 2020 and further on.

Although Bitcoin is still dominating the cryptocurrency market, there are a large number of new promising coins appearing. One of them is EOS cryptocurrency– the token introduced by infrastructure for decentralized applications. Finance-savvy investors started putting a heavy focus on this coin, and some already started buying thousands of coins inspired by optimistic price prediction for EOS. Let’s find out what experts think about it.

What is EOS?

Being a relatively new cryptocurrency, EOS hasn’t turned into a buzzword yet, so we should shed some light on what is it, and where this asset came from. is a Blockchain-based infrastructure for development and hosting of decentralized applications that has rocked the boat of traditional similar ecosystems: it solves the problems of transaction processing speed and is more technologically advanced than Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains.

No one knows what EOS stands for (“Ethereum on Steroids”, “Endless Online Scaling”, and some other versions exist). The tokens are issued by project that’s controlled and developed by company. The amount of emitted tokens is 1 bln, and they CANNOT be mined– you can obtain the currency by making investments.

What makes EOS special? The Block One platform leverages smart contracts that allow executing maximum 50,000 transactions for every second! This is much higher than the majority of existing Blockchains. With the help of scaling, Block One solves the problem of slow Blockchain-based transactions which makes this platform superior.

EOS price prediction 2018

Initially, EOS tokens issued for sale in 2017 cost less than $1. By the end of 2017, its price has grown, and EOS 2018 price prediction seems to be justified: in January of this year, it has reached $13.063 according to the website’s records.

In May 2018, EOS cost is about $12– not a significant fluctuation. Experts claim that the best tactics are to make long-term investments for at least a year. Why?

According to EOS coin price prediction 2018 from professional traders, in December of this calendar year, it will reach about $37. Therefore, your current investment can pay off three-fold. Every $100 you invest can turn into $300, which isn’t bad.

EOS Price Prediction for 2019: 70$ or Less?

EOS price prediction 2020

Say, the EOS platform developed by is thriving in 2019 (there’s no tendency that it may lose authority). What will be a realistic EOS price prediction for the following years?

  • The overall market cap of the company can go up four times.

  • If Bitcoin and Ethereum slightly lose their dominance (for instance, their rate decreases by 15 percent), EOS can reach top-3 with $70 bln market cap, which means one EOS will reach $70.

Even according to the most pessimistic forecasts, EOS will reach at least $20 in 2019 and about $30 in 2020.

For EOS price to grow, several things should happen. First, well-developed governments like US and China should establish regulations for new currencies to enter the market.

Secondly, EOS community and communities of other altcoins should grow considerably to hinder the monopoly of Bitcoin and Ethereum on the market.

According to TradingBeasts community, EOS cryptocurrency price prediction 2020 is from $37 in January to $51 in December. These numbers seem to be close to reality.

EOS price prediction 2025

All that sounds good, but let’s go further. Remember we mentioned that EOS is good for long-term investments?

Let’s make simple calculations: every $100 spent will give you 7.655 EOS now. In 2022, the price of currency can start from $60-80 in January, and your investment can turn into some $900 or higher. Five-year forecast is around $143.

Therefore, in 2025, EOS price can reach minimum $200. Your investments made now can pay off considerably– the appreciation gained by the platform is considerable.


EOS price prediction (average)












What the cost depends on?

Crypto experts claim it can soon be in the Top-3 cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin and NEO. Why EOS has such a huge potential? If you look at the EOS platform developed by Block One, it is highly scalable and versatile: companies can easily use it as the foundation for various applications. With parallel execution, running decentralized applications becomes simple. With EOS features and power, companies will need less IT maintenance. Today, this is one of the most cost-efficient ways to organize online infrastructure.

There’s the whole gamut of factors that influence EOS future price prediction.

  1. The value and a market cap of other major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and others).

  2. Development of EOS Blockchain (which is expected to grow at the exponential rate).

  3. Implementation of cryptocurrencies by governments.

Since EOS offers a superb Blockchain architecture and, which is important, doesn’t charge any fee for transactions, this platform would be interesting for millions of users all over the world. Therefore, the chances it will be a leading coin are very high.

Bottom line

Starting from the price launch prediction EOS has justified the forecasts made by leading cryptocurrency experts, and the tendency remains the same.

The Block One company came up with a truly revolutionary product that can change the future of online enterprise infrastructure. Of course, just like any other Blockchain-based infrastructure, this one isn’t perfect, but the creators are dealing with issues efficiently.

If you want to invest into crypto for a long run, pay attention to EOS: it is truly worth it. Many stakeholders are inspired by positive forecasts concerning the coin pricing, and there are simply no reasons for it to crash. Besides, EOS has enough potential and power to withstand competition with other major cryptocurrencies.

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