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EOS Price Prediction for 2019: 70$ or Less?

Mon, 7/01/2019 - 11:18
EOS Price Prediction for 2019: 70$ or Less?
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This article will be a review of our EOS price prediction 2018 with mentions on EOS price prediction 2019 and coin price forecast 2019. Results of 2018 will also be reported about the performance of EOS coin.

Results of 2018

As the end of December, the price of EOS is at $2.56, having lost almost 71% compared to the value of $8.77 on Jan. 1, 2018. The price reached a high price of $21 during April 2018, which was the top for 2018. Ever since it declined to the low price of $1.69. The price made a bounce from the low price of $1.69 to the high price of $3.1 and with this rally EOS is on the fifth position in the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization based on latest CoinMarketCap statistics, having gained one position during the month of December 2018. What will EOS cryptocurrency price be in 2019?

EOS price prediction 2018

In our article providing an opinion on EOS price prediction 2018 we wrote “Our price forecast of $4.07-$4.50 is based on Fibonacci retracement levels. We do not estimate any larger price correction, as liquidity is expected to decline later during December 2018 and the time horizon is very short.” Still a bounce of 51% is a very important price change. What are some opinions on eos coin price prediction for 2019?

EOS price prediction 2019

image makes two EOS coin predictions for 2019, one for the price to reach $20, and the other a more optimistic one for the price to reach $70. They mention that $70 per coin by 2019 may be unrealistic but there are two interesting arguments in analysis:

  1. Regulation will be a very important topic to monitor during 2019 and beyond. If regulation is favorable to the cryptocurrency market and large amounts of capital based in China and in US enter the cryptocurrency market, then this could help the appreciation of EOS during 2019.
  2. A growing and more active community of EOS developers and business solutions may provide a competitive advantage to EOS compared to other cryptocurrencies. This may stimulate the demand for the coin and could drive its price higher. makes the following EOS price prediction for 2019, the price in early January 2019 will be $4.20. The expected maximum price is $10.20, minimum price $6.94. The EOS price prediction for the end of the month is $8.16. During 2019 the price is expected to rise and by December 2019 the minimum, maximum and average price is $9.14, $13.44 and $10.76 respectively.


EOS price forecast 2019

Another interesting EOS price forecast 2019 is the one from, predicting that the price will be $15 at some time during 2019. This is a more optimistic EOS future price estimate compared to the one made by forecasts a price of $6.4389 for EOS in 2019.

But not all EOS predictions for 2019 are bullish or optimistic. An interesting forecast is made by Gov Capital and is very pessimistic on the future price of EOS in 2019. It predicts that in Jan. 1, 2019 the price will be $1.296, the one-year forecast price is predicted at $1.113 (-56.181%) from current price of about $2.56 and there is even a very bold prediction that on Mar. 9, 2019 the price will be $0.000000.

There is the legal disclaimer that price predictions are not investment recommendations and the real forecasts are based on technical analysis and a combination of deep learning processes. In theory, it seems at least challenging.

EOS price prediction 2020


For 2020 forecasts that EOS will move higher for the first six months and during July 2019 it will reach the high price of $95. For the remaining of 2020 a decline may follow, and the price could be $56.25 by the end of the year. For 2020 forecasts a minimum price of $9.35, and a maximum price of $16.99. forecasts a positive and a negative scenario for the EOS/USD chart, making EOS price prediction 2020 based on not only one but two contradicting scenarios, which are almost always a good idea providing a wider range of outcomes based on the high volatility which is evident for the cryptocurrency market.

The positive scenario is that price may reach the high price of $22 if at the beginning of 2020 the chart is within the range of $11-$16 at the beginning of 2020. The pessimistic scenario is that the price of EOS will not move higher than the range $7-$9 in 2020.

EOS price prediction 2025

Looking further in the future and focusing on year 2025 some predictions for the EOS price are the following:

· predicts a price higher than $22 due to technological advances

· predicts than in year 2023 the price of EOS could be near $106.77

· predicts a range of $11-$13  

· forecasts a price of $50, based on the increased positive momentum that EOS coin may have, compared to the momentum of ethereum.

We will end this article on EOS price prediction for 2019, 2020 and even 2015 with our technical analysis providing a range of probable prices.


EOS technical analysis


Technically the down trend seems to have changed to a short-term uptrend and the bottom price of $1.565 is an important level to monitor. Important support exists at the level of $1.772 and a small consolidation at the level of $2.48. A rejection of price near the level of $3.20 makes the 50-period exponential daily moving average an important and valid level of resistance. Other important levels of resistance are near $4.68 and $5.0.

A positive factor that may drive the price of EOS higher is that the ADX/DMI indicator has confirmed a trend change from downtrend to uptrend, with the +DI line crossing above the -DI line. A closing price above the 50-period exponential daily moving average currently at $3.1518 will be positive as it could be the first valid sign that a trend reversal from downtrend to uptrend has occurred. Based on Fibonacci ratios taking the swing high of $5.81 and swing low of $1.54 then the 0.50 and 0.618 retracement levels are $3.68 and $4.18 respectively. This range of $3.68-$4.90 is our forecast for the price of EOS in 2019.

There was significant consolidation in the price levels of $4.70-$5.00 in the past which lasted almost two months, from September to November 2018, which makes this consolidation zone hard to ignore, and very important. The falling 200-day exponential moving average currently at $5.34 is another key level to monitor, acting also as a potential resistance as price is still below it. It is a very tough challenge trying to predict a future price for eons as both volatility and different time frames present difficulties in forecasting.

The weekly chart seems less optimistic compared to the daily chart, and the monthly chart provides no evidence yet of a real bottom for EOS in 2018. What is also interesting are the values of Daily Bollinger bands at $1.55 and $3.10 for the lower and upper band respectively. They show a range bound trading activity for now and a potential consolidation phase.

As a conclusion we have mentioned in this article a range of EOS price predictions in 2019, 2020 up to 2025 which seem either too optimistic or too pessimistic.

The main thing to consider is that our technical analysis for EOS price in 2019 is not a trading recommendation. We have been correct in our December 2018 prediction for some of the major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, and we must mention the fact, but it is much harder to make any prediction and be an accurate one for a longer time horizon such as one year compared to only a few days.  

It would be prudent to note that during the steep decline of the cryptocurrency market in 2018 many top cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization declined in tandem with the cryptocurrency market.

This correlation may not hold in 2019 as business prospects, regulation and tax issues and competitive advantages to some cryptocurrencies such as a more active developers’ community may be some major catalysts that could make either a promising year for EOS or a year with no major factors to support its price appreciation.


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