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Feedspot Content Reader Now Broadcasts U.Today News on Crypto and Blockchain

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 16:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Feedspot, a multi-purpose content aggregator, has added U.Today as a source of crypto and blockchain content
Feedspot Content Reader Now Broadcasts U.Today News on Crypto and Blockchain
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Feedspot is a platform that aggregates the best news sources and provides users with a cutting-edge reading experience. With Feedspot, readers can save time browsing through websites as it creates customized newsfeeds in a couple of clicks.

E-mail digests, brand monitoring, SMM instruments: introducing Feedspot

Launched in early 2013 as an online RSS reader, Feedspot evolved into a one-stop platform for monitoring websites and social media. It indexes the content of news outlets and social platforms to organize it into personalized newsfeeds.

Feedspot builds one-stop dashboard
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Feedspot is curated by a large and passionate team led by Vineet Agarwal and Anuj Agarwal, top-notch computer science professionals. It released a number of unique functions such as brand monitoring, social media scheduling, data curation and so on.

With brand monitoring tools, every user can stay tuned about the coverage of a topic, person or brand. Also, entrepreneurs can monitor their own brands and the outreach of competitors.

Social Media Scheduler eases the experience of publishing content to social media platforms and brings optimization to this important process. The "data curation" mode indexes the top YouTube blogs, web blogs, podcasts and news sites.

U.Today starts broadcasting handpicked crypto content on Feedspot

Also, the Feedspot ecosystem offers many useful functions in the RSS broadcasting segment.

When it comes to financial information, Feedspot tools will help readers to stay updated about late market trends, price movements, signals and crucial events.

U.Today joins Feedspot's club of sources on crypto and blockchain. As a result, its customers will see the whole picture of what is going on in the red-hot segment of decentralized currencies.

U.Today will broadcast crypto news, opinions, product reviews and price predictions to Feedspot's dashboard.

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